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Multimedia analytics is a new and exciting research area that combines techniques from multimedia analysis, visual analytics, and data management, with a focus on creating systems for analysing large-scale multimedia collections. The size and complexity of media collections is ever increasing, as is the desire to harvest useful information from these collections, with expected impacts ranging from the advancement of science to increased company profits. Indeed, multimedia analytics sees potential applications in diverse fields, including data journalism, urban computing, lifelogging, digital heritage, healthcare, digital forensics, natural sciences, and social media. We therefore consider multimedia analytics one of the core research challenges of the multimedia community.

Recently, research papers have been published in various multimedia conferences (e.g., MMM, ACM Multimedia, ACM ICMR, Multimedia Systems, ICME) that focus on various aspects of multimedia analytics. However, we feel that the community is lacking an interactive venue for discussion, where definitions and directions can be proposed and debated, and we provide such a venue in this special session.

We primarily seek two kinds of contributions:

Topics include, but are not limited to:

Note that this session follows a very successful MMM 2016 special session titled “Perspectives on Multimedia Analytics” and an MMM 2017 keynote presentation titled “Multimedia Analytics: From Data to Insight” by Marcel Worring.