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Claus Brabrand

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Full Professor, IT University of Copenhagen
Head of Center for Computing Education Research (CCER)

I am passionate about teaching and learning.


I have a background in computing (Programming Languages) and (general) education; now, I work with computing education.


I am interested in:
1) What are digital competences?
2) How to best teach & learn digital competences?
3) How to teach & apply digital competences in other disciplines (beyond Computer Science)?

Foto: Søren Kjeldgaard

Danish National Teaching Award 2020
(Undervisningsprisen 2020)


On September 30, 2020, I received the (first) Danish National Teaching Award. The Award was handed over by Crown Princess Mary of Denmark and the Minister of Higher Education and Science. The award (500,000 DKK; approximately 67,000 EUR) was given to 2 out of approximately 18,000 University teachers in all of Denmark.


More information:
Royal Fashion Blog (in English)
Profile of Claus Brabrand (in Danish)
Homepage of the Danish Royal Family (in Danish)

Excellence in Teaching
(2019 ITU Award Recipient)

Claus Brabrand has shown strong dedication to student learning and to excellence in teaching for more than a decade at the IT University [of Copenhagen]. He consistently gets stellar student evaluations and holds the ITU record for student satisfation in a large course; Introductory Programming, with 99 responses.*
Claus is an expert in University didactics; frequently teaching university teachers at ITU and at other universities. He is famous for creating and directing a film that clearly explains [John] Biggs' SOLO Taxonomy [and Constructive Alignment] in just 19 minutes.
Besides his regular university teaching, he has designed the content and structure of the IT-Camp for women, the Coding Cafe for women, and BootIT onboard course for all, and other extra-curricular courses. He clearly deserves our recognition of his excellent and sustained contribution to the university.

-- Martin Zachariasen
Vice Chancellor
IT University of Copenhagen
(September 27, 2019)

*) Student evaluations (Introductory Programming, 2018) average on a Likert-scale from 1 (minimum) to 6 (maximum): 5.91

Teaching Teaching & Understanding Understanding
(20' Award-Winning Educational Short-Film)

I wrote, directed, produced, and co-edited the award-winning short-film on University teaching: IMDb



  • Written & Directed by: Claus Brabrand
  • Produced by: Claus Brabrand, Jacob Andersen

  • Narration: Richard Raskin
  • Edited by: Jacob Andersen, Claus Brabrand
  • Camera: Jacob Andersen
  • Light: Jacob Andersen
  • Sound: Jacob Andersen
  • Music: "CrimeScene" by Mikkel Eskesen (MonoLogo AudioDesign)
  • 3D Graphics: Henrik Hovgaard
  • 2D Graphics: Claus Brabrand, Jacob Andersen
  • Casting: Claus Brabrand

  • Cinematic Advisor: Richard Raskin
  • Didactic Advisors: Simon Olling Rebsdorf, Torben K. Jensen


((( in order of appearance )))

(the) SUSAN (strategy) ..... Doina Bucur
(the) ROBERT (strategy) ..... Rune Thorbek
Dean ..... Erik Meineche Schmidt
Level 1 Teacher ..... Mogens Nielsen
"Good" Level 2 Teacher ..... Henrik Bærbak Christensen
"Bad" Level 2 Teacher ..... Michael E. Caspersen
"Entertainer" Teacher ..... Lars Arge
Interviewed Student #1 ..... Lea Troels Møller Pedersen
Interviewed Student #2 ..... Michael Westergaard
Didactics Expert ..... Torben K. Jensen
SOLO 1 Student ..... Dennis Decker Jensen
SOLO 3 Student ..... Anne Aasborg
SOLO 4 Student ..... Allan Andersen
Level 3 Teacher ..... Hanne Leth Andersen

Extras: Andreas K. Carlsen, Brian B. Christensen, Allan Hansen, Anders Hesselund Jensen, Clemens N. Klokmose, Per Nielsen, Amir Salihefendic, Mathias Romme Schwarz, and Thomas Vestergaard.

Foto: Søren Kjeldgaard
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