Diako Mardanbegi


I have studied Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor degree) at Amirkabir University of Tehran. In 2010, I got my master’s degree in Biomechanical Engineering at Iran University of Science and Technology. In my master thesis I developed a low-cost gaze tracking system (Dias Eye Tracker) to help disabled individuals interact with their computers through eye movements. I started my PhD at IT University of Copenhagen in April 2010. I continued my research in eye tracking and HCI and the main goal of my PhD research was to investigate how head-mounted gaze trackers can be used for interaction with the environment. My phd project involved investigating algorithms for head-mounted gaze tracking to make these gaze trackers more accurate, and more robust for the indoor/outdoor use. As a part of my PhD I have developed an open source eye tracker called “Haytham” for gaze tacking and gaze interaction with the environment (More info: eye.itu.dk).

Since December 2013, I work as a postdoctoral researcher at the Software and Systems section of the IT University of Copenhagen.

Research Interests:

  1. Eye tracking & Gaze estimation

  2. Gaze-based interaction

  3. Computer vision & Computer graphics

  4. Cognitive science

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