A photo of Ebbe Ebbe Elsborg
PhD (ph.d.), M.Sc. (cand.it) in Computer Science from the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU)
B.Sc. in Computer Science (DIKU) and Economics from the University of Copenhagen (KU)

Former member of the Programming, Logic and Semantics group (PLS) at the ITU
Postgraduation   Postgraduation
  • I can be reached at 'firstname.surname at gmail dot com'. I would be happy to provide my CV upon request.
  • I have been living in Rome, Italy, since 1st October 2010. On 1st March 2011 I began working for the United Nations (UN) World Food Programme (WFP) as a consultant within enterprise architecture.
  • I was on paternity leave for 11½ months from mid March 2010 through February 2011.
  • While in Bolivia (Jan. 2009 - Sep. 2010), I worked for Geosystems S.R.L. (senior analyst), Colosa Ltda. (senior programmer), and the Danish Embassy (technical consultant).
  • I successfully defended my PhD dissertation on 16th March 2009 in front of an international evaluation committee consisting of 1 internal (chairman) and 2 external members.
Research   Research
  • Position: From 1st August 2004 - 4th January 2009 I was a 4-year PhD student in the PLS group at the ITU including 4½ months of paternity leave in April - August 2007.
  • Research interests: Bigraphs and process calculi for concurrency and mobility as well as topological location models and systems: 1) The theory of Bigraphs and its applications to global ubiquitous/context-aware computing; 2) modelling and simulation of said computing paradigms; 3) type systems for Bigraphs and process calculi/programming languages in general; and 4) the art of computer programming.
  • Publications: Here is a complete, detailed list of my publications with links to the documents, conferences, journals, symposiums, and workshops.
  • Advisor: My advisor was full prof. Lars Birkedal, and until August 2007 also supreme hacker Henning Niss.
  • Stay abroad: I visited prof. Davide Sangiorgi at the University of Bologna (Unibo) for 4 months as a guest researcher in the period 20th Oct. 2007 - 11th Feb. 2008.
  • Research project: I worked on the Bigraphical Programming Languages (BPL) project under the Laboratory for Context-Dependent Mobile Communication (LaCoMoCo).
  • Graduate school: I was member of the FIRST research school.
  • Studies: Apart from the PhD degree I also hold a M.Sc. degree from the ITU; my Master's thesis was written at the ITU, but I completed approximately 1½ years of M.Sc. level studies at DIKU, where I was a student in the Theory and Practice of Programming Languages group (TOPPS), which is now part of the APL group. I obtained my B.Sc. degree in computer science with a minor subject in economics from DIKU.
Teaching   Teaching
  • Autumn 2006: Cosupervision of a Master's thesis.
  • Spring 2006: Responsible for the Java on Mobile Devices project cluster (2 lectures). Project and thesis (co)supervision (5 projects, 1 Master's thesis).
  • Autumn 2005: 1 triple lecture in the mini course Programming Context-aware Mobile Phones. Project and theses (co)supervision mainly within J2ME and Bluetooth
    (7 projects, 1 Master's thesis, 1 Diploma thesis).
  • Spring 2005: 5 double lectures in the course Java on Mobile Devices. Project and thesis cosupervision mainly within J2ME and Bluetooth (9 projects, 1 Master's thesis).
  • Autumn 2004: Project cosupervision within J2ME and Bluetooth (2 projects).

Latest update: 12th April 2011

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