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This is the research diary of Lisbeth Klastrup. Here I share some of my thoughts on life, universe, virtual worlds, interactive stories and internet oddities with you.

I'm a ph.d. scholar at DIAC at the IT University at Copenhagen (ITU). I also host & work in a world called StoryMOO. At this ITU homepage you can read more about my research project and miscellaneus activities. List of publications is here.

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Article on the online flashgaming culture in Politiken today, with links to quite a few. According to the writer, 51% of players of these games are woman, and 80% of them are more than 30 years old. So once again, I fit the stats perfectly ;).

In a discussion on Online Games 2001 Richard Bartle exlaims (exasperated?) Never forget, people: these are worlds, not games.

They work differently!

Discussiong on women gamers in MASSMOGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Games)

Pointless Games.com! - see for yourself

Notes from the Dawn of Time Richard Bartles column on designing MUDs and other online games hosted at Skotos. Several columns here.

Syllabus for a course at Stanford on the History of Computer Game Designcontains some interesting links!

Geek Girl's Guide 2 Games. I'm collecting girl gamer sites for an article on girl gaming. If you know of any, let me know!!

HITMAN 2, the sequel to the internationally succesfully Danish game HITMAN is up and running. Apparently they have included save-game option this time! I learned this via the Jubii Games newsletter - they linked to a onsite newssite with comments and one of them came from a female reader:
"Okey..jeg fatter ikke i nørder gider spilde penge og tid på det pjat...Det er meget sjovere at Jodle."
("Okey, I just dont get why you nerds want to waste time and money on this balloney....Jodling is much more fun")
- I guess there are many ways to subvert the male dominated game market ;)?!?.

Article in Politiken onnetcult phenomena. Have to check out http://www.somethingawful.com/ very soon. And the guy who spurred the Terrible Secret of Space craze. Jonathon, the guy who made the Robot-video, refers to him as a master in "Internet Improvisionational theatre"....

The Terrible Secret of Space Another flash video in style of "All your base are belong to us."

Politiken, the Danish newspaper, has now devoted an entire section of their online site to GamesPolitiken- Spil. Reviews and ratings and links to games on different platforms. Which is what you can find on most game review sites online, I guess, - however it is positive that one of the biggest and more serious newspapers in Denmark has gone as far as to upgrade this to a phenomena of it's own. Games, however, are still to be found under the IT heading, not in the Culture section. Wonder when that will change?!?

Game Developers Choice Awards- coming up to soon. Will be interesting to see which games these people choose to nominate.

A little satirical gem which will especially appeal to those of us who have once tried to get into an English UniversityUniversity of UBS. Don't forget to check out their PC equip...

Back at work and hopefully more regularly back here soon, too. I've tried to persuade my department that we should have a department blogg too, which I think could be a nice experiment. We just need to find the right tool, as some would like to have a postable calendar integrated into the blogg page too. If any of you outthere have found a bloggerlike tool with that feature included, I'd love to hear from you!

GameReactor! - "Danmarks vildeste gamesite"has been saved from close down and will continously provide game news. Used to accompagny a game mag who has also been closed down :(

Promoting women game developers. An artschool in Vancouver offers a 35.000 dollar scholarship for girls interested in entering a game development programme.
Girl Gamer Scholarships

Just uploaded a Ph.d -studies at ITU info page with a brief intro to the various documents I know of and which regulates the Danish ph.d.studies in general and locally.

There's always one more intelligence to be tested. The Sexual Intelligence Test. P.S. If you wanna know the meaning of it all, you have to buy the book...

Testing, testing. My arm is improving, thanks to a brilliant physioterapist whom I saw for the first time this week. So now just a little post to excercise my muscles. And a post about testing as well. Torill links to a personality test based on colours. I did the "for fun" Mensa-test the other day and failed miserably. I'd like to think it's because I have not had any reason to practice my math-skills since first year of high-school and because it's targeted for an native English-language speaking audience, but I'm afraid it is not the entire explaination ;). [However, it makes you think that the test you have to take to be accepted as member of the Danish MENSA-club consists solely of figure sorting]. Well, whatever you think of these tests, I found much truth in the Danish article which spurred my visit to the website: "Hvor er mit rumskib" (Where is my spaceship) - it discusses some of the problems, emotional and social, which highly intelligent children (and grown-ups) often have to face. Frankly, on a minor scale, I recognise some of them from my own childhood, such as "using one's own intelligence to play less intelligent" to be socially accepted...I'm sure there are more people outthere than you would think with similiar memories??