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This is the research diary of Lisbeth Klastrup. Here I share some of my thoughts on life, universe, virtual worlds, interactive stories and internet oddities with you.

I'm a ph.d. scholar at DIAC at the IT University at Copenhagen (ITU). I also host & work in a world called StoryMOO. At this ITU homepage you can read more about my research project and miscellaneus activities. List of publications is here.

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A Smallworld Project Can anyone in the world reach anyone else through a chain of only 6 friends? asks sociologists at Columbia and they are now using the internet to find out. You can sign up at their website as participant and help making connections.
No doubt that in a small country like Denmark it is rarely a problem to find connections between you and a totally (Danish bred) stranger. But for the rest of the world, especially those countries where large parts of the inhabitants are without access to global means of communication, like the phone or the internet - or maybe even a local postoffice? I wonder...

Wooloomooloo is a new art gallery on the net, run by Danes. Upload your own work in a portfolio. Havent had time to check it out properly, but they claim to host Aboriginal Art, Californian music and English writing...

GDC 2002: Social Activities: Implementing Wittgenstein" [04.24.02] - on the simulation of social activities in Black & White, by Richard Evans.
Need to read later.
....425 mails in my inbox and counting. Argh!

Tomorrow, hopefully, will be the day when my new laptop arrives. Oh, the joy and comfort of gadgets...if they behave nicely!

This is one of the more wacky projects I have come across for a while - a nice, wacky project that is. In the professional looking Danish weblog www.cykelkokken.dk, the cook Morten Wulff tells the story of the build-up of his "kitchen-on-a-bicycle" -bicycle. His dream is to be able to bike around Copenhagen and make food outdoors on site for people who have ordered "cykelkokken" to visit. I like that thought - bringing gastronomy to the summer Danes! Hope he will be visiting somewhere near me once he gets going...

Chart.dk - a Danish website keeping count of the most visited sites in various categories (*if you have listed your site with them) - now lists a weblog Top 25 as an independent category - under the heading "homepages". The most popular Danish weblog here apparently gets almost 100 hits a day.
This listing indicates an interesting development in the Danish weblog history, I think, pointing to the fact that they have definitely been acknowledged as a widespread and popular phenomena in Denmark (where hardly anyone to my knowledge was blogging a year ago), but also that they are still not recognised as something other than purely private. Where does that leave academic blogs like this one (which at least triesto go beyond the merely private "Who am I" statement)? What actually defines the common understanding of what a homepage is these days?

Back on track, but busy preparing the (almost) full paper for the Computer Games & Digital Cultures conference.
Meanwhile, a friend of mine sent me a link to this telnet version of a major blockbuster at telnet://towel.blinkenlights.nl. Nerdism as good as it gets, if you ask me ;).

Some of my faithful readers have sent me some very kind and caring mails. I intend to get back with each of you in the week to come, but till then: Thanks. It meant a lot.

My mother died today, very early morning, peacefully.
AFK for a while.

Slides from my presentation yesterday can be found here.

Now performing at:
If you are in the near vicinity of Copenhagen tomorrow Wednesday, I will be performing at a seminar series titled
"Kultur & Ęstetik i den Digital Tidsalder" (Culture & Aesthetics in the Digital Age)
at University of Copenhagen, Amager, (aka KUA), room 11.2.8., hours 13-16.

Yezz - Bollywood comes to Copenhagen. The annual Nightfilm Festival (Natfilmfestival) in Copenhagen is approaching rapidly. The festival presents a great opportunity to watch a lot of movies which never make it to the big screen, because the films are too weird or too "etnic" to attract a larger audience. It is at the Nightfilm festival I have watched unforgettables like "Plan 9 From Outer Space" (US), "The Ring" (Japan), "Destiny"(Egypt), a Eastern Europe puppet movie in speed motion whose title evades me, and not the least my first Bollywoodmovie which I really enjoyed. This year they have an entire Bollywood theme so should have ample opportunity to watch one. For those of you who can't come, there is always the original Jalwa video with Daler Mendi (on which "Jag teleporterar Taliban" was based).