Labyrinths of Fiction

A selected list of hyperfictions and hyperfiction sources on the WWW

E-zines, newsletters & other sources (A-Z)
E-zine sources
Hyperfictions and other narratives
Hyperfiction etc. sources

E-zines, newsletters & other sources (A-Z)

CMC (Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine)
- esp. Volume 4, Number 6 / June 1, 1997 *

CTI Textual Studies: Computers & Texts
Configurations Directory
Eastgate (products, articles, news and much more)**
Electronic book review (ebr)**
HyperJournal Contents Page
Leonardo On-Line
Lettre - International
M/C - A Journal of Media and Culture
Modern Fiction Studies
MUSE - Home Page
Postmodern Culture*
Science as Culture
The Stanford Electronic Humanities Review
SubStance Home Page
Theory and Culture*
Technology Review Home Page
Think onLINE
Unit Circle
Voice of the shuttle: cyberculture sources*
-- Back Issues of Wired Magazine

E-zine sources

The Etext Archive: own zines & search engine
Kling & Covi: Electronic Journals
John Labowitx' comprehensive site of e-zines

Hypertext narratives, poems and other fictions (always being up-dated)

GRAMMATRON (Mark Amerika - music, moving images, text)
Stargazer (Karen D. Morton - text and images)
The Fly (Larry Clark - hypertext only, but in several languages)
You hear a story, but no one is telling it (Maurice Rikard - text and image chunks randomized)
The Unknown, a hypertext novel
ClickMe (Hyperfiction goes DADA)
253 - interactive novel home (Geoff Ryman)
'my body' - a Wunderkammer & (Shelley Jackson - text and b/w-drawings)
The Heist, a hypertext novel (Walter Sorrells - text)
Girl Birth Water Death (Martha Conway - text)
Six Sex Scenes (Adrienne Greenhart - text)
Lies, a HyperFiction Short Story (Rick Pryll - text)
Sunshine '69 ("interactive novel" by Bobby Rabyd - text, images, music)
Damascene (short-story by Milorad Pavic - text, images)
The Conscience of Salesmen (C.J.Keep - text, images)
The Roar of Destiny Emanated from the Refrigerator (Judy Malloy - text, colours, bricoloage, automated changes)
Dispossession (Poem by Robert Kendall - text, animated images)
The Ballad of Sand and Harry Soot (Stephanie Strickland - text, images)
Prinsessen og frĝen (an interactive picture/storybook for children *in Danish*)
Various Web Fictions by M.D. Coverley are available here
CORE (Peter Berlich - text, machine - in German)
P=R=O=G=R=A=M=M=A=T=O=L=O=G=Y - a site with John Cayley's works (incl. Book Unbound)
The German site has a pretty impressive list of hyperfictions

More than one author:

GRAY MATTERS (text, graphics, pop-up windows)
The Company Therapist (collaborative, not running anymore, but accessible)

Reader-written fictions:

Add-venture (an archive of completed add-to fictions and some still running)
The Fray (a fictive story with its readers' own experiences added to it)
Never Ending Story (a Danish add-your-own-6-lines story)
En uberegnelig historie (a Norwegian add-on story)

Miscellaneous Oddities created a fictive conspiracy plot by sending apparently authentic e-mails
from the strange corporation to a number of people.
Eric Idle, ex-Monty Python, has written the story of his experiences with at Pythonline

Novel3: German Writer Matthias Politycki tells readers about his work in progress (final novel is on-site too), including videos with potential heroine types!. Part of a general project called Novel in Progress.

This is visual "art", but it is great!: Scott McCloud's comic Zot! online

Help Danish director and screenwriter Jonas Elmer write his filmscript for the film Mona's verden and develop his character's at Mona's Verden, TV2-DK


Hyperfiction sources

Michael Shumate's Hyperizons
Steven Shaviro's
list of hyperfiction sites

Last updated: January13th, 2000. If you know of any fictions, that I have not included, please mail the URL to: