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What am I doing at the IT University?

Since October 1999, I have been employed as a ph.d.student at the research department now called Digital Aesthetics & Communication (DIAC). In my Ph.d.project, I examine and discuss fiction Worlds on the WWW as new modes of texts and hybrids of media genres such as literature, games and performances. The current title of my thesis is: "The construction of story in virtual worlds: towards a theory of online textuality".
As part of my project, I have set up a little world called
StoryMOO at ITU, containing mine and my students experiments with interactive narratives and adventures. Currently (october 2001) I am looking more closely at the world called Everquest, while I am a visiting scholar at the Deparment of Humanistic Informatics at the University of Bergen (oct 2001-dec 2001).

In general, my field of interest is narrative theory, especially when applied to film, interactive narratives, hypertext fiction and computer adventure games. I have discussed aspects of these texts in both my English Masters dissertation on interactive readership (University of Kent 1996/1997) and in my kandidatus-dissertation on Texts, Spaces and Labyrinths (University of Copenhagen, Department of Comparative Literature 1999).

Read more about my research life in my Blogg and
Visit my Virtual World catalogue to learn more about this phenomena.

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Labyrinths of fiction (hyperfiction & hyperfiction sources on WWW)

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