My virtual world catalogue
- A selective list of MUDs, MOOs, 3D worlds & some sources.

A simple definition (which I apply) of the word MUD is Multi User Domaine. MOO stands for M(UD) Object-oriented, refering to a special MUD programming style. By now there are so many versions of MUDs that some prefer to refer to them in general terms as MU*s. Some MUDs are game-oriented, other mainly social, some function as professional meeting places or learning environments - what they have in common is, that they are all multi user domains set up as some kind of coherent virtual world. As I have had a special interest in educational MUDs & MOOs, they are so far listed seperately here. My own MOO is called STORY-MOO (under construction - you can visit as guest without password)

If you are newbie to MOOs, you can read my introduction to MOO's here (it also links to some beginner guides at the end).
There is a thorough History of MUDs in Gamespy Jan. 2001. Raph Kosters Online world timeline is also recommendable.

Text MUDs
MozartMUD (Gaming, more than 23,000 rooms!)
FurryMUCK (the first antrophomorfic MUD - website at

Graphic MUDs
Castle Marrach
(subscription, gaming but claims to focus on narrative aspects, partly graphic interface)

Modus Operandi (subscription, gaming, detective style)
HenryHowellLand (Web, commercial MOO, with interesting graphical (cartoonish) interface)

Active Worlds
(social, gaming, commercial + includes educational subsection: AWEDU)
Anarchy Online
(subscription, gaming)
Everquest (subscription, gaming)
Lineage - the Blood Pledge (subscription, gaming, originally korean)
Ultima Online (subscription, gaming)
Traveler [was Onlive!Traveler] (social, 3D worlds based on communication through sound)

Educational and Professional MOOs (text & 2D)
Midsummer Nights MOO
(Web, English language learning)
(Web, student project MOO of West Virginia University)
ATHEMOO (Web, focus on theatre)
College Town (Telnet)
CWRUMOO (Web -just opened!)
Diversity University (DU) (Web, VRML-interface possible, first university MOO online)
Dreistadt (Web - German language learning MOO)
LambdaMOO (Telnet - the first MOO ever! (1992))
LinguaMOO (Web , social & educational, the Encore MOO original)
MediaMOO (Telnet)
VassarMOO (Web)
ZooMoo (Telnet)


The Mud Connector (connects to more than 1500+ MOOs and MUDs)
The MUD resource collection (articles, worlds, last updated 1999)
Rachel's Super MOO list (list of MOOs by "genres")
Rhal's Furry MU* Connector (list of "furry" world,anthropomorphics, MU*s - quite a few!)
The Lost Library of MOO (list of MOO tutorials, resources and research papers)
The MOOring (lists, resources etc, primarily educational MOOs)
Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies (incl. amongst other things monthly book reviews, articles etc)

Journal of Virtual Environments (JOVE)
Imaginary Realities
M/C - A journal of Media & Culture
Journal of Computer Mediated Communication

- especially about virtual learning environments

KAIROS: A Journal For Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments
CWRL: The Electronic Journal for Computer Writing, Rhetoric and Literature
International Online Conference on Teaching Online in Higher Education (TOHE99)

- dead journals with interesting archives
CMC (Computer Mediated Communication) Magazine

MMOG info:

Last updated October 4th, 2001
ŠLisbeth Klastrup 1999-2001.