General Guide To Linux Server Admin

Some basic guidelines for owners of Linux servers

1. Access

Get familar with access via ssh - it is generally your only way of accessing the machine.

First step is making and understanding keys.

A guide on how to make keys and use them:

Try it:

 ssh -p 8022 user@


ssh -p portnumber username@<ipnumber or hostmane>

Note that, in this exmaple, you use the port -p option, as ssh service has been moved from its standard port, which is 22.

When access via keys works, you can (get an admin to) disable access via username/password.

2. basic sommands

Get familiar with the most basic linux commands

        Cheat sheets are very helpful:




2.a get familiar with autocomplete (the TAB key) and history (arrow keys)

2.b understand sudo (performing commands with superuser rights)

2.c learn how to use

        command --help
        man command

to learn more a bout a command.

3. updating

Get used to updating your machine from time to time:

        #sudo apt-get update
        #sudo apt-get upgrade


        # man apt-get


        #apt-get --help

to learn more about what apt-get does.

Later, you might turn this into a cron job.

4. security