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Sebastian Büttrich

Research Lab Manager, at the Pervasive Interaction Technology Laboratory - the pIT Lab

What is the role of the Research Lab Manager?

A bit about who i am and what i have done before ITU and partly still do

location: 2C04 (IT department) / 3A54 - also known as LAB 5 or pITLab


phone: 7218 5126

GnuPG: GnuPG public key

Things happening / worked on.

Paper accepted for IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference 2013, San Jose, USA 2013, IEEEGHTC 2013, to be published,


October 22-24, 2012, Seattle, on "Wireless networks for research, education and humanitarian use". My contribution on the panel "Connectivity and Communication" focused on the sustainable energy aspect of NREN networking and is available through the NSRC pages:

all credits & thanks: DZL, Mads Hobye

pIT Arduino Touche prototyp 01
Studying Surface 2 image retention
Simple waterflow prototype

GI poster

Slides are here (PDF, 6.4 MB): Attach:Main/Global_inspiration_-_slides_final.pdf

Low cost ipv6 and sensor gateway, solar powered

"Howto" to be posted.

android rooting 9 June 2010
wispying 9 June 2010
GIRI day

MultiTouch Cells in ITU built frame
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