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How to channel skype through a SOCKS proxy

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  1. 1. On Windows
  2. 2. On Linux/MAC

1.  On Windows


 putty.exe -D 9999 <username>@<IP of your target host>


 putty.exe -D 9999 root@ 

<== just an example IP :)

( The port for the SOCKS tunnel is your own choice - use something that isnt needed for other services. In this example, i chose 9999 )

You are done. Now all your skype traffic goes through an encrypted tunnel to your remote host.

If you are interested in the performance of skype, go to


and switch on "Display Technical Call Info".

2.  On Linux/MAC

Open tunnel by doing

 ssh -D 9999 <username>@<IP of your target host> 

Rest is identical to Windows above.

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