IT University BSc theses supervised by Peter Sestoft

These are the BSc thesis projects I have supervised at the IT University of Copenhagen.

Current and completed thesis projects

StudentsProjectExternal partnerCo-supervisorCompleted
StudentsProjectExternal partnerCo-supervisorCompleted
Hjalte Juel Skovrup, Jonas Christiansen Roeygaard Optimization of sheet-defined functions in spreadsheet compiler     June 2019
Emilie Rafn-Hamalainen Optimering af Funcalcs UI     June 2019
Francisco Martinez Lasaca Extending and enhancing the C5 Library     June 2019
Morten Tychsen Clausen Anonyme funktioner i regneark     June 2019
Marcus Winding Quistgaard Decompilation of .NET/CIL bytecode     May 2018
Gustav Agergaard Winberg Central-bank issued digital cash and blockchain     May 2018
Jannik Halberg Homann, Anders Valsted, Sebastian Sindlev Andersen Consensus mechanisms in blockchains     May 2018
Fredrik Emil Bakke, Kasper Christian Hansen GPU processing in relation to life and pension insurance     May 2017
Simon Stampe Leiszner, Christian Myrup Albinus Internal parallelization of life insurance computations on GPU     May 2017
Holger Stadel Borum Parallelization of collective contract reserve computation Edlund   May 2016
Mads Engesgaard Jacobsen, Mathias Jean Johansen Implementing a lazy functional language   Rasmus Møgelberg May 2015
Jakob Merrild, Jakob Ambeck Vase Automating model expansion in AML Edlund   May 2015
Jonas Kastberg Hinrichsen On generating life insurance policies using a domain-specific language Edlund   May 2015
Jonas Jørgensen, Rasmus Lomholt Wismann Dimensional types for actuarial computing Edlund   May 2015
Jens Egholm Low-latency Java in an LHC simulator     May 2015
Philip Jon Rasmussen A thread-safe programming language     December 2014
Christian Gehrs Kuhre GPGPU programming via F# Edlund   May 2014
Niklas Hansen og Ulrik Flaenø Damm Automatic processing of students' program submissions   David Raymond Christiansen June 2013
Asger Schlichtkrull og Tomas Alan Lieberkind Javascript as internal DSL in C#   David Raymond Christiansen May 2013
Jens Dahl Møllerhøj CUDA differential equation solver   Hans Henrik Brandenborg Sørensen May 2013
Andreas Ryding Lund Christiansen og Simon Bang Terkildsen Runtime estimates for dataflow programs     May 2013
Christian Lykke-Rasmussen og Mikkel Riise Lund Designing, implementing and testing interval trees for the C5 collection library Simulation modelling services Pty Ltd   May 2013
David Georg Korczynski og Peter Nicolai Skovgaard Scalable visualization of RNA secondary structures Aarhus University Zsuzsanna Sukosd May 2013
Nicolai Dahl og Christian Harrington CUDA life insurance reserve estimator Edlund   May 2012
Ahmad Salim Modular structured data literals     May 2012
Niels Justesen og Kristian Støving Timetable scheduling. A drag-and-drop approach     May 2012
Søren Nielsen og Thorkil Burup Using GPGPU for computing pension scenarios Edlund   May 2012
Frederik W. Nørregaard, Kristian Klarskov Marquardsen Browser based room booking system     May 2011
Bo Ravnborg Larsen, Bich Thuy Kim Room scheduling system     May 2011
Mads Hartmann Jensen Immutable collections library for Javascript; with online source code and documentation     May 2011
Anders Hartzen User defined functions in Excel via ordinary spreadsheet concepts     May 2010
Vincens Riber Mink, Daniel Schiermer Collaborative spreadsheet. TeamCalc, an implemented prototype     May 2010
Casper Nielsen Voigt, Loa Skogø Lind Undersøgelse af Googles programmeringssprog Go sammenlignet med Java, C++ og Python     May 2010
Tobias Mandrup Johansen, Jeppe Bech Madsen Parallel programming methods     May 2010
Tim Garbos, Kasper Videbæk Spreadsheet optimization on GPUs     May 2010

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