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Personal Details
Soren Lauesen
Nordtoftevej 15
DK-2860 Soeborg

Phone: +45 3956 1748
Mobile: +45 2963 6248

Children: Ann-Britt, Uffe, Nadja
Parents: Laus Lauesen (Lauritz Martin Lauesen), Grete Lauesen (Grete Pelch)

Nationality: Danish
Also lived one year in Ghana and twice one year in Australia

Portrait of Soren Lauesen

Lauesen 2017

Portrait of Soren Lauesen

Lauesen 2005


High school, Denmark, 1960
M.Sc., Mathematics & Physics, University of Copenhagen, 1965
B.Com.Degree, Business and Financial Accounting, Copenhagen Business School, 1979


1962-73: Developer, later department manager at Regnecentralen (Danish computer manufacturer). Developed all kinds of systems from business administration and bus-route optimization, to compilers and operating systems. Chief designer of the RC4000 multiprogramming and real-time operating system (together with Per Brinch Hansen and JÝrn Jensen).
1969-72: Part-time associate professor at the University of Copenhagen. Co-founder of the first computer science education in Denmark.
1973-76: Co-founder of the software development department at Brown Boveri, Copenhagen (now ABB). Designed and developed process control systems for power distribution.
1974-75: Management consultant for ILO in Ghana (Africa). Advisor to the Ghanian government on IT issues. (On leave from Brown Boveri).
1976-79: Visiting professor at University of Copenhagen. Started design of an object-oriented operating system where objects were hardware-protected against each other, and where objects could be removed in a controlled manner with necessary clean-up in cooperating objects. Served as department manager the last two years.
1979-85: Co-founder of the software development centre at NCR, Copenhagen. Chief designer and project manager for object-oriented operating systems, temporal databases, etc. Department manager for advanced development and quality assurance.
1985-99: Professor at Copenhagen Business School. Co-founder of the combination education in business and computer science. Head of department (40 staff) from 1992 to 1996.
1996-97: Visiting scholar at Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia (Sabbatical). Research work in requirements engineering, human-computer interaction, object-oriented systems.
1999-2019: Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen.
2001-2002: Visiting scholar at Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia (Sabbatical). Research work in user interface design and requirements engineering.
Sept 2019-: Professor emeritus at the IT University of Copenhagen.

Affiliations and Awards

  1. Member of the Danish Scientific Research Council 1977-81.
  2. Member of the Danish Scientific-Technical Research Council 1985-93.
  3. Award for Research & Education, Jorck's Foundation, 1986.
  4. Member of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences, 1995- .
  5. Member of the Board of Directors, Delta, 1999-2002.
  6. Member of the Board of Directors, Center for Language Technology, 2001-2004.
  7. Member of the Danish IT association, the committtee for systems development, 2003-2009.
  8. Best paper award (2004): COTS Tenders and Integration Requirements. Kyoto, RE 2004, pp. 166-175.
  9. Best paper award (2011): Use case versus task desriptions. REFSQ 2011, pp. 106-120.

Research areas

Why large system acquisitions often fail and how to prevent it, industry versus university teaching, requirements specification, IT law versus development methods, UX and systematic user interface design, data visualization, quality assurance, systems development, marketing and product development.

Other interests

Biology, psychology, physics, archeology, languages. I love building and renovating houses. I dance around 100 different Greek dances on a performance level. I love traveling and meeting people from other cultures.
From one of our Greek dance performances, Y2000.
20-second movies.

Hasapikos: I am on the left. Alice in the middle. Jeanette on the right.