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Last updated- 24th November 2002

E 2002

We will agree on the content on each week and upload it accordingly. REMEMBER- A part of the final product will be the project diary: keep a diary where you record your progress, summaries from your meetings, etc. It doesn't need to be very detailed.

Week 1 (48)- Work reading the pensum and performing quest analysis in actual games. Homework for this week: what is a quest? how does it work? make your own quest theory using the readings as starting point, and try to apply it to as many games as possible. It will also be useful to use your course experience with the Smurfs game, how did you think about quests?, what suceeded? what didn't? why? This will be mostly the theory part of your written assignment.

Week 2 (49)- We meet and discuss results from last week, agreeing on new tasks and deadlines. This would be the week for getting as familiar with the Neverwinter tools as you can.

Week 3 (50)-

Week 4 (51)-