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Last updated- 24th November 2002

E 2002

Thomas writes (25th November 2002)

I have found a link on the web that might be useful in the actual quest design in Neverwinter Nights. Have a look at it and tell me what you think (also you Susana :-) http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Keep/9194/qdesign/index.html

Steinar writes (19th November 2002)
Actually we are interested in doing something more in the lines of proposal 4), making a NWN module (which I own), so it will be part construction, and part theory about quest design. Pen and paper RPG games gives the DM almost complete freedom to do what they want to do, this is probably one of the reasons that this hasn't translated so well to the computer screen. When you look at a game like Vampire:The Maquerade they haven't really succeeded but now it seems NWN has, according to game critics. How has NWN succeeded (debatable) where others have failed? Partly because of natural game evolution, better programming, better computers, building on years of experience perhaps. We like the idea of exploring quests, and how to make immersive quests, storytelling if you will, in an environment that has already been made, so you don't have to think about the design of that tree, or that house, you can focus solely on quests or events in your game design. The graphics are premade, so environmental planning is just needed, how to use those elements to create convincing scenarios, dungeons, we might be going into the dramatical aspects of quests there, enhancing immersion with predesigned elements. The general idea is to explore making quests and storytelling through the NWN module and documenting our findings, both in regards to construction and theory.

Susana writes (18th November 2002)
It seems the project will get going as there are 5 people interested in forming a group. Great news! Let's get to work!