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I am a software engineering researcher, interested in software quality and safety. My goal is to help engineers build better systems, and to diagnose their weaknesses. This ranges from design, model driven engineering of software systems, design of languages, to bug finding, testing, static analysis, and verification. I study actual systems in order to understand what quality problems can be addressed. I also design new technologies, including modeling languages, code generators, or analysis and verification tools to improve quality of software. My recent interests are in AI and robotics, considering classical properties like safety and reliability, but also newer challenges like privacy.

I have worked with systems in multiple domains: robotics (ROS), safety critical embedded systems (such as an electric engine safety controller for an elevator), operating system kernels (Linux, Free BSD, eCos), and business software (such as an open source ERP system Open for Business). I have spent a lot of time researching software systems that are produced in families of similar products - the so called software product lines. I am very invested in work with Open Source communities and with industrial partners.

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