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Guide to Theses and Smaller Projects

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How to Prepare to Writing Thesis (And When to Start)

Most of the following projects can be specialized into 7.5, 15, and 30 ECTS (thesis) projects. I am also welcoming project proposals brought by students.

If you would like to write your thesis under my supervision and you still have some control over your courses then try to follow Models and Programs as your specialization and complement it with courses in Scalable Computing, Modern AI, or Mobile and Distributed Systems. The choice depends a bit on the kind of project you want to write. Feel free to ask.

A research publication is a nice thing to have on your CV regardless whether you want to aim for an academic career or not. If you would like a thesis that results in a research publication, then I recommend that we slowly start to work on it a year before the final deadline. Come to meet me as soon as you think this is a path for you.

List of Projects

Please follow this link for list of recent MSc and BSc thesis propsals.