Inc group makes 4 presentations NGCA

Diako and Dan will present their paper “Mobile gaze-based screen interaction in 3D environments” at the conference Novel Gaze-Controlled Applications, May 26-27, 2011, organized by Blekinge Institute of Technology. Henrik, Javier, Sune, John and Martin will present the paper “Evaluation of a Remote Webcam-Based Eye Tracker”. John, Javier and Henrik will present the paper “Gaze Interaction from Bed” and John will give an invited talk. The papers will be available from the ACM Digital Library after the conference. See the full program here.

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Low cost eye tracking

New video on the ITU Gaze Tracker was released at the CHI 2011 conference in Vancouver.

ITU Gaze Tracker from itucph on Vimeo.

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Brainy star

Today Henrik Skovsgaard from the INC group was awarded a first price in the national competition “Brainy stars” for being the best young researcher in presenting his work. Henrik has invented several innovative solutions to compensate for the low accuracy of gaze interaction that are used by e.g. disabled people. Congratulations Henrik!

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Interaction from bed

People at hospitals who are paralyzed due to a severe medical condition may be considered for bed-side gaze communication. For instance, patients with frontal burns and a lung injury commonly have a tracheostomy tube in the front of the neck and thus are unable to speak. Within the next 3 years we expect to present a complete 1:1-scale prototype of a low-cost gaze tracking installation that can be applied at hospitals, supporting patients with access to communication, entertainment and environmental control of e.g. the bed and the lightning conditions.
The prototype is up and running now in the Mikado house and used for experimentation and concept development. Please contact Kjell Yngve Petersen or John Paulin Hansen for more information.Hospital room mock-up

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Commented article for beginning students

This term I’m teaching students who have little or no exposure to academia. They are to work on a problem-oriented academic project, learning the skills of the trade. In order to give them a feel for what they are supposed to deliver in May, I’ve given them reports from the previous term. Although I’ve picked the best reports they are lacking – they are the work of beginners. I therefore wanted to have the students read a proper academic paper – from a real journal. Hmm … much too difficult ? No, not necessarily. I’ve picked a paper by Monk et al entitled “Why are mobile phones annoying?”. The topic is straightforward and easy to understand. In order to help the students with the experimental setup, the statistics, the theory, etc, I’ve written 4 pages of comments. I’m quite keen to see if it goes down well with the students; I’m currently running a small pilot study.
The article is
Monk, Andrew, Carroll, Jenni, Parker, Sarah, Blythe, Mark (2004): Why are mobile phones annoying? Behaviour and Information Technology, vol 23 no 1, 33-41.
Download the article (pdf).
Download the comments (Word) (in Danish).

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New report on young Danes’ uses of social networking sites

Today Lisbeth Klastrup and I published a new report on the results from a survey on 13-25year old Danes uses of social networking sites and their potential interest in using them from their mobile platforms. The report is in Danish but perhaps some of you non-Danish speaking people may be able to get an idea about the results anyway, especially looking at the figures and tables.

There are a lot of interesting findings in the data from the survey but the main conclusions are that
13-24årige danskere
• ikke bruger mere end to sociale netværkstjenester
• primært bruger sociale netværkssider til at styrke offline relationer og holde sig bredt orienteret
• helst vil have vennernes statusopdatering som billeder, efterfulgt af status om humør/følelser
• ikke er interesserede i at bruge sociale netværk kun på mobilen, men via en kombination af medier
• … men hvis servicen er gratis, nem at bruge og vennerne er på, er der mange potentielle brugere

You can find the full report here:

All the best

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