Thomas T. Hildebrandt

(Curriculum Vitae, November, 2016, Profile at Google scholar including publications, citations and H-index.)

Associate Professor, IT University of Copenhagen (ITU).

Head of the Process Intelligence, Modelling and Optimisation (PRIMO) research group.

Scientific coordinator of

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BLOG: Here you can find my blog on research, teaching and practice of (business and workflow) process modelling.

Video Interview on characteristics of research at IT University of Copenhagen. "Research the foundations - but ask yourself if your research can create new value." (in danish)

Research areas and Publications: Formal process models and semantics for concurrent, distributed and mobile systems, and their strategic applications to the development of new process languages and technologies for trustworthy, process- and service-oriented information systems, involving both computers, humans and their surrounding context.

Flyer from 2013 presenting my research and projects.

Specifically, my research contributes to:

Current Research Projects:

  • Computational Artifacts - Towards a design-oriented theory of computational artifacts in cooperative work practices. Interdisciplinary research project funded by the Velux foundation from 2014-2017 and including University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business School and IT University of Copenhagen.

Past Research Projects:


Upcoming events in 2017:

Past events in 2011- 2017:

Current PhD students: Haakon Normann (2015-2017, CompArt project, funded by the Velux foundation.)

Past PhD students: Tijs Slaats (2012-2014, Industrial PhD at Exformatics), Francesco Zanitti (Jingling Genies, co-supervised with A. Glenstrup and S. Debois), Gian Perrone (Jingling Genies), Maxime Beauquier (TrustCare, co-supervised with Carsten Schurmann), Espen Højsgaard (CosmoBiz project), Hugo A. Lopez (co-financed by Resultmaker A/S), Raghava Rao Mukkamala (TrustCare), Lasse Nielsen (DIKU, TrustCare, co-supervised with F. Henglein, DIKU), Mikkel Bundgaard , S. Debois (BPL project, co-supervised with L. Birkedal), Karen Marie Lyng (DIKU, co-financed by Resultmaker A/S and co-supervised with F. Kensing),

Courses at ITU, Spring 2017: IT and Business Process Modelling(BSc)/Business Process Modelling and Analysis (MSc) 2017,

Past Courses at ITU (2005-2016): Critical Systems Seminar, Critical Systems Project,IT and Business Process Modelling 2016, Critical Systems Seminar, Critical Systems Project, IT and Business Process Modelling 2015, Second Year Project: Software Development in Large Teams with International Collaboration, Advanced MSc and PhD reading group on Process Mining, Advanced Mobile and Distributed Systems Seminar (Autumn 2014), IT and Business Process Modelling 2014 , Advanced Mobile and Distributed Systems Seminar Fall 2013, Mobile and Distributed Systems Fall 2013, IT and Business Process Modelling 2013 Mobile and Distributed Systems Fall 2012, Advanced Mobile and Distributed Systems Seminar Fall 2012, IT and Business Process Modelling 2012 Project cluster: Second Year Project and Mobile and Distributed Systems, Distributed Systems and Protocols (B.Sc. course), Distributed Systems and Protocols, Modelling and Design, Process and Data Modelling (Spring 2007), XML-processing - methods, tools and theories (Spring 2006), Location Based Mobile Applications, Process and Data Modelling (introductory) , Introductory Programming (course responsible) Process and Data Modelling (introductory) Model-based Design of Distributed and Mobile Systems (advanced), XML-processing - methods, tools and theories, Location Based Mobile Applications.

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