Problem-oriented requirements in practice: The Y-Foundation Home

Twice a year, the Y-foundation (pseudonym) assesses around 300 applications and give grants to some of them. The process is quite complex and involves secretary, assessment board, auditor, payments and a new web-site. They needed a system to support them. From January 2013 to March 2013, Lauesen made the analysis and wrote the requirements based on SL-07. He managed the acquisition until completion in Sept 2014. Here are some key documents of the project (anonymized):

The requirements were 34 pages, witten as problem-oriented requirements (e.g. tasks). The suppliers wrote their proposed solution next to the requirements, in some cases supplemented with a Solution note. For the winning supplier, the result was a 44 page spec, which became an appendix to the contract: Requirements and the supplier's reply (pdf, 44 pages)

We selected the supplier based on financial benefit, risk and total cost: Note to the board on supplier selection (docx)

The project was 9 months late. What happened on the way? The project month by month (docx)

During testing we encountered many issues (errors and requests for change). We recorded those that we couldn't deal with immediately. Initally we recorded 23 issues, later 107. Here is a merged list of all 130: List of all issues/errors during the project (docx) List of all issues/errors during the project (xlsx)

The way the requirements were structured, made it fairly easy to make a test script for acceptance testing (i.e. the customer's test of the system): Test plan (doc)

Some of the doucments exist in Danish too:
Kravspecifikation og leverandÝrens svar (pdf, 44 sider) Notat til bestyrelsen om leverandÝrvalg (docx) Testplan (doc)