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Election at ITU

The election for ITU’s collegiate bodies is now concluded. 31 percent of all students voted. Thanks to everyone who participated.

The winners of the contested seats have been found and the following people were elected:

Student for Board of Directors
Dagmar Bondo Kristiansen

Students for SAT GAMES
Peter Bech Alstrup
Lior Maynard

Students for SAT Computer Science
Nynne Grauslund
Theodor Christian Kier
Sofie Nielsen
Ahmet Akkoc

TAP for Board of Directors
Lou Nørgaard Rudd

Se full result here. 

About the Election

Every year representatives among students and staff are elected for the collegiate bodies at the IT University such as the Board of Directors, the Board of Studies ITU and the Subject Area Teams. Bodies, which make sure that everyone at the university is heard – both students and staff.

This year, election is called for the following collegiate bodies:

  • Board of Directors (1 student and 1 TAP by-election)
  • Academic Board (2 students and 1 VIP by-election)
  • PhD Board (4 students)
  • Board of Studies ITU (1 student)
  • Subject Area Team for Games (2 students)
  • Subject Area Team for Digital Design (3 students)
  • Subject Area Team for Computer Science (5 students and 1 VIP by-election)
  • Subject Area Team for Business (3 students and and 1 VIP by-election)

For VIP members, the term of office is three years starting from January 1, 2022. For students, the term of office is one year starting from January 1, 2022. For students elected to the Board of Directors, however, the term of office is two years.

In case you have any questions regarding the election, please e-mail the Election Committee on

The Election Committee 2021

  • Jakob Hjort Engstrøm, Management Secretariat, Chair of the Election Committee.
  • Marlene Ahrens, Communication Department
  • Julie Lyngsø Berg Jacobsen, Student Affairs and Programmes

The election will be held in accordance with the health and safety guidelines at ITU in relation to COVID-19.

Election 2021

November 1st
The elections are called. Preliminary electoral rolls are printed out. The electoral rolls for the ordinary and by-election are displayed for perusal.

November 8, 13:00
Deadline for objection to the electoral rolls. 
Deadline for submission of notice of the election group in which the person in question wishes to exercise his or her right to vote.

November 12
The Election Committee publishes the final electoral rolls on the Intranet.

November 16 at noon 
Deadline for submission of lists of candidates. 

November 19
The Election Committee publishes the candidate nominations received, including nominators.

November 23 at noon 
Deadline for submission of coalition lists/electoral pacts. 
Deadline for request for allotment of list designation. 
Deadline for objection to candidates.
Deadline for withdrawal of candidate nominations.

November 26
The Election Committee publishes coalition lists/electoral pacts received.

November 29-30, 10.00-14.00
The election is held as a polling place ballot with polling tables, which will be set up in Atrium at the IT University of Copenhagen, Rued Langgaards Vej 7.

December 6
The election results are published.

December 13
Deadline for complaints about the election. Complaints must be in writing to the Election Committee:

January 1, 2022
The newly elected members take up their seat.

You can only vote and run for the ITU election if your name is listed in an electoral roll. As a supporter for a candidate, you must also make sure that your name is listed in the electoral roll for the collegiate body the candidate is running for. Please contact the Election Committee if you have any questions.

Find the electoral rolls here


There are the following collegiate bodies at the IT University.

  • The Board of Directors
  • The Academic Board
  • The PhD Board
  • The Board of Studies
  • Subject Area Teams

 Read more about the collegiate bodies here.