Inaugural lecture: Minna Isomursu

Minna Isomursu, recently appointed Professor in the Digital Design department, will give her inaugural professorial lecture on Thursday, March 2 from 2-3.30 pm.

In her inaugural lecture, Professor Isomursu will discuss her view on how digitalization has changed the world around us, and how service and design thinking help us understand and respond to this change. She will discuss the difficulties and joys of designing interaction of humans and things in everyday service contexts. The examples she will use show the necessity of co-design and co-creation in the design and adoption of new ways of using digital assets for enabling novel ways of delivering service both in industrial and public settings.  

New digital services combine wireless and wired technologies, face-to-face communication and computer mediated interaction, mobile and place-dependent contexts into a seamless personalized service experience. Prof. Isomursu will highlight what motivates her in this particular area of research, and why she thinks that service design perspective can advance interaction- and co-design research. In her lecture, she will use both successful and unsuccessful examples from real-life service design projects in which she has had the pleasure to work during her career.

All are welcome to attend and no registration is required.


Professor Minna Isomursu started as a professor of interaction and co-design in the department of Digital Design at ITU in beginning of 2017. She moved to Copenhagen from Northern Finland, where she is a professor of Human-centered development and utilization of information systems with INTERACT group at University of Oulu. In her career, she has held various positions both in industry (e.g. Nokia Mobile Phones) and academia (e.g. research professor on Connected Health and research professor on Social media and connected services at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland). Her academic interests have evolved from her PhD thesis examining software engineering and software process improvement to human-centered and participatory design and lately towards design of digital services. For the last 10 years she has been occupied with research questions exploring opportunities of digitalization in design and implementation of services especially in the domains of health and retail. Some of her current projects explore the use of personal data in digital health services and personalization of service pathways.