Erik Grönvall, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
IT University of Copenhagen
Rued Langgaards Vej 7
2300 Copenhagen S

Erik is an Associate Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU), Denmark. At ITU, he work in the Digital Design department, researching the role technology have in everyday life, the notion of participation, how people appropriate technology and how technology can be designed to better align with the capabilities and needs of diverse users. To investigate these and other aspects of technology use in everyday life, Erik do research for example within User Driven Innovation, Participatory Design in weak, ill peoples homes, Service Design, care networks, tele-care and homecare. Erik’s research span from designing and building specific healthcare technologies to investigate the use of such technologies and societal effects of for example introducing healthcare IT in private people’s homes. End-user control, participation and physical-digital design are topics also investigated from a HCI and CSCW perspective. Also, Erik designs and constructs physical computing (e.g. shape-changing) objects and researches how people appropriate and understand such systems.

Before joining ITU, Erik worked at the 'Use, Design and Innovation' group and the 'Centre for Pervasive Healthcare' (both directed by Prof. Morten Kyng), Aarhus University. In Aarhus, he was a Project Manager for different multi-disciplinary research projects that worked with Participatory Design and User-Driven Innovation in healthcare. He was also associated with the research centre Participatory IT (PIT) at Aarhus University (directed by Prof. Susanne Bødker and Prof. Kim Halskov).

Erik currently teach Service Design, Co-Design and Physical Computing at ITU and has previously taught (for example Advanced Physical Computing) both at Aarhus University and at University of Siena (both bachelor and master courses).

Erik has a Ph.D. in Information and Communication Technologies from the University of Florence, Italy (2007). Previously, Erik has also been a post-doc and lecturer (e.g. in Advanced Physical computing, Java, Web development/WEB 2.0) at Aarhus University and at the University of Siena.

Before moving to Denmark and Italy, he worked in Sweden (as a consultant, as employee and within his own company) with mainly smart home development and novel solutions for elderly care.


28-08-2017: Program committee member at ECSCW 2017, Sheffield, UK.

22-06-2017: Program committee member at Infrahealth 2017, Aarhus, Denmark.

10-06-2017: Demo chair at DIS 2017, Edinburgh, UK.

10-06-2017: Associate Chair at DIS 2017, Edinburgh, UK.

23-05-2017, Program committee member at Pervasive Health 2017, Barcelona, Spain.

23-10-2016: Program committee member at NordiCHI 2016, Gothenburg, Sweden.

07-10-2016: Invited speaker at Syddjurs Municipality (DK) day on welfare technology speaking about 'Social Innovation and Care Communities'.

15-08-2016: Accepted workshop @ PDC2016 on the migration of social innovations, Aarhus, Denmark.

15-08-2016: Program committee member at PDC 2016, Aarhus, Denmark.

08-06-2016: Received a SIGCHI Honourable Mention Award at DIS 2016 (top 5% of all submissions).

24-05-2016: Panel organizer (Service Design Education) at ServDes 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark.

16-05-2016: Program committee member at Pervasive Health 2016, Cancun, Mexico.

24-08-2016: Best paper award at a workshop @ MobileHCI 2015.

17-08-2015: Program committee member and session chair at the decennial Aarhus conference - Critical alternatives 2015.

14-03-2015: Session chair at CSCW 2015, Vancouver, Canada.

19-06-2014: PC-member for the
2nd int. workshop on “Personal
Health Records and patient-
oriented infrastructures”
in Trento, Italy.

26-04-2014: Received a SIGCHI Best of CHI Honorable Mention Award (top 5% of all submissions).

01-11-2013: New Job!
Erik start as
Visiting Associate Professor
at the IT University.

23-10-2013: Invited talk
at the national
LevVel/UNIK Conference.

21-10-2013: Invited talk
at the research centre PIT (AU).
Title: 'Some perspectives on
designing for participation'.

21-09-2013 : Co-organizer
of a WS@ECSCW 2013 on
CSCW at the Boundary
of Work and Life

24-06-2013 : Program committee
member at the IDC2013 WS
‘Interactive e-books for children’,
New York, US.

07-05-2013 : Scientific Committee
member of the Int. WS on
“Smart University along with
Smart City for a New
Eco-systemic Glo-cal Evolution”,
Florence, Italy.

15-02-2013: Part of the Editorial
Advisory Board for the book
‘Pervasive Health:
State-of-the-Art and Beyond’,
Springer (2014).

24-11-2012 : Invited lecture:
57 National SIGG Congress
(Societá Italiana di
Gerontologia e Geriatria)
Milano, Italy.

17-10-2012 : Panel Chair
at NordiCHI 2012.

14-10-2012 : Co-organizer
of a WS@NordiCHI 2012
on home-clinic differences.

28-08-2012 : programme
committee member
at ECCE 2012.

19-08-2012 : Co-chair
of a session on AAL at

21-05-2012 : Co-organizer of a
workshop related to user-centered
design and healthcare at
Pervasive Health 2012.

16-11-2011 : TPC member at
the International Workshop
on Aesthetic Intelligence
(AxI '11) at AmI2011.

11-11-2011 : I will give
an invited presentation on
designing for elderly people
and home based rehabilitation

28-09-2011 : I will chair the
'Together' session at
ECSCW 2011.

24-08-2011 : I will chair the
'Human-Centred Automation'
session at ECCE 2011.

15-06-2011 : Invited presentation
at the 4th Danish Conference on
Pervasive Healthcare Engineering

Aarhus School of Engineering
Aarhus, Denmark.

23-05-2011 : Co-organizer of a
workshop related to user-centered
design and healthcare at
Pervasive Health 2011.

12-05-2011 : The C-HUB
project is featured
on the FI website.

13-04-2011 : The C-HUB
project is featured
in the CS 'news' section
of their website.
Open pdf version here.

22-03-2011 : Some of my
Physical Computing students
were featured in UNIvers,
the university 'newspaper'
with their course project.

11-11-2010 : Physical Computing
I gave an introductional lecture on
Physical Computing

17-10-2010 : I co-organize
Therapeutic Strategies -
a Challenge for User
Involvement in Design

A WS @ NordiChi2010

08-10-2010 : I will give an
invited Keynote at the
Secondo Forum Italiano AAL

18-07-2010 : AaDP 2010
Aarhus Design Project 2010

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