Jonas Kastberg Hinrichsen

Jonas Kastberg Hinrichsen

Ph.D. Student   CV
Affiliation:   Dept. of Comp. Science, IT University of Copenhagen

Short Biography


I am a third year Ph.D. student at the IT University of Copenhagen, where I also did my bachelor and masters degrees in software development. Coming from an applied background, my interests for theoretical computer science is rooted in bridging the gap between industry and academia. My main contribution thus far, the Actris logical framework, is then, in part, a venture about defining intuitive yet expressive specifications and proofs for complicated message-passing programs, parsable by those who are less theoretically interested.


Machine-Checked Semantic Session Typing, CPP 2021 [Distinguished]

Actris: Session-Type Based reasoning in Separation Logic, POPL 2020


Actris 2.0: Asynchronous Session-Type Based reasoning in Separation Logic


18. January, 2021, CPP (long vesion) [Slides]

18. January, 2021, CPP (short vesion) [Slides]

30. November, 2020, Aarhus University [Slides]

18. November, 2020, Radboud University [Slides]

20. October, 2020, IT University of Copenhagen [Slides]

04. June, 2020, VEST workshop [Slides]

27. May, 2020, Delft University of Technology [Slides]

22. January, 2020, POPL [Slides]

28. October, 2019, Iris Workshop [Slides]

02. October, 2019, Harvard University [Slides]


Phone: +45 60 24 99 24
Office: Rued Langaards Vej 7, 4C07
DK-2300 Copenhagen, Denmark