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Developer: Overcrooked Games
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Founding date: 8th February 2018
Website: Too Many Crooks
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Band together a ragtag team of criminals to start building your own crime syndicate. Start with humble raids on innocent hot dog stands and work your way up to well-organised casinos and banks in this crime management game.

Description & History

Overcrooked is a small team of seven students on the MSc Games programme at the IT University of Copenhagen. They were brought together to create a game for the 15 ECTS class Game Project after Simon Bøg’s successful pitch for a heist simulation game.

Too Many Crooks

Too Many Crooks is a never-ending crime management game. Recruit a ragtag team of criminals and send them out on crimes from raiding humble hotdog stands to a full-on bank heist.

But, as you advance your crime syndicate, you might find it harder and harder to stay afloat. An angry debtor from your past wants their money back, and fast. You’ll need to keep them satisfied with weekly repayments. And, if you can’t cough up the money, be prepared for the consequences. You might just learn that, in the end, crime never pays.



  • Mouse
  • ESC to pause and open menu
  • 1/2/3 for time controls

Players will navigate the UI mostly using the mouse. Open up ShadyBook on the UI to see current financial status and hire recruits. With a team of recruits, players can then click on a mission on the map and drag in their chosen recruits. The mission UI will show the player what their chances of success are, and the rest is up to them.
The player’s main information is displayed at the top, including money, and the current week and day.
Every week, players must repay a certain amount displayed on their UI. It’s possible and often necessary to go below this amount during the week, but that amount must be repaid at the end of every Sunday, else there will be consequences and, eventually, failure.
As time goes on, missions become more difficult and recruits become better, but players might find their finances more volatile.



Main menu


Early game 1

Early game 2

Early game 3

Early game 4

Mid game 1

Mid game 2

Mid game 3

Late game

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