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CHARTER - A tiny Java code generator for Statecharts


CHARTER is an offspring of code generation project for embedded systems. It is probably the smallest code generator ever implemented for Statecharts. The code of the actual code generator takes around 300 lines. The tarball containing a complete tool is below 15 KB.

CHARTER takes a statechart description in a format which is very close to hsm format of SCOPE (which means that SCOPE is likely to accept the same file format soon). Technically files in .ch format are programs in the charter language implemented in DULCE interpreter framework. CHARTER interprets the input file treating keywords and other elements as instructions. The semantics of these instructions is to produce code. A Java program is generated on-the-fly during interpretation.

CHARTER produces a very simple code, which is easy to understand for humans. It is not the objective of CHARTER to generated small heavily-optimized code. In contrary, optimizations are omitted in favor of clarity. CHARTER demonstrates the state pattern code generation-scheme and DULCE's capabilities.

Please contact one of the authors if you find this tool useful, have a comment, bug request or would like any other kind of support.

Further Information


CHARTER is available free of charge under GPL licence (enclosed in the packages).


Recent Releases of CHARTER

Release Date Download Release notes
charter-0-02 22/09/2003 source tarball unstable
charter-0-01 16/09/2003 - unstable

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