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fxp - A Moscow ML port of XML validating parser


Fxp is a general purpose validating XML parser implemented in Standard ML. Fxp has been originally developed using Standard ML of New Jersey. Below you can find a port of fxp for Moscow ML. This is a rather simple minded quick (read: inefficient) port, barely tested. But please use it a lot and report all the bugs to me. Otherwise I won't be able to maintain it.

Please see the README.mosml file for build and installation instructions.


fxp for Moscow ML is available under an open source license, the same as the original fxp. Please see the COPYRIGHT files in the respective tarball. This software is provided as-is, with absolutely no warranty.


Recent Releases of fxp-mosml

Release Date Download Release notes
fxp-1.4.6-4mosml 1/03/2004 source tarball unstable, but usable
fxp-1.4.6-3mosml 24/02/2004 source tarball unstable

The documentation which pertains only to the port (not to the fxp itself) can be found in files having .mosml suffixes.

Modified: Andrzej Wąsowski 14 Apr 2004

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