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Software Programmable Signal Processing Platform Analysis, Spring 2006

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Time and Place

There will be approximately seven 90-minute lectures and equally many exercise sessions, held irregularly between March 21 and May 11 2005. See schedule for details.


Andrzej Wąsowski, external lecturer none :(
Ole Wolf

Course Materials

It is possible to follow the course by just attending the lectures and solving exercises. However your results will be much more firm if you supplement yourself with a text book. We shall mostly refer to:

Andrew W. Appel. Modern Compiler Implementation in C. Cambridge University Press (1999, paperback 2004).

Slides, notes, and exercise tasks are available from the episode descriptions, reachable via the schedule.

All course materials are in English and the lectures will be given in English.

We will be mostly concerned with compiling computation intensive pointerless C programs with arrays. The algorithms will be presented in pseudocode (exercises may occasionally require some C programming skills).