Struct HashSet<T>.Feature

Enum class to assist printing of compilation alternatives.


System.IComparable, System.IFormattable, System.IConvertible


object, System.ValueType, System.Enum

Field overview

Chaining ,
Dummy ,
InterHashing ,
LinearProbing ,
RandomInterHashing ,
RefTypeBucket ,
ShrinkTable ,

Method overview

CompareTo(object target), Inherited from System.Enum ,
Equals(object obj), Inherited from System.Enum ,
Finalize(), Inherited from object ,
GetHashCode(), Inherited from System.Enum ,
GetType(), Inherited from object ,
GetTypeCode(), Inherited from System.Enum ,
MemberwiseClone(), Inherited from object ,
ToString(), Inherited from System.Enum ,
ToString(string format, System.IFormatProvider provider), Inherited from System.Enum ,
ToString(string format), Inherited from System.Enum ,
ToString(System.IFormatProvider provider), Inherited from System.Enum

Field details

S HashSet<T>.Feature Chaining Use chaining to resolve index clashes
S HashSet<T>.Feature Dummy Nothing
S HashSet<T>.Feature InterHashing Use hash function on item hash code
S HashSet<T>.Feature LinearProbing Using linear probing to resolve index clashes
S HashSet<T>.Feature RandomInterHashing Use a universal family of hash functions on item hash code
S HashSet<T>.Feature RefTypeBucket Buckets are of reference type
S HashSet<T>.Feature ShrinkTable Shrink table when very sparsely filled
S HashSet<T>.Feature ValueTypeBucket Primary buckets are of value type