Interface ISequenced<T>

An editable collection maintaining a definite sequence order of the items. Implementations of this interface must compute the hash code and equality exactly as prescribed in the method definitions in order to be consistent with other collection classes implementing this interface.This interface is usually implemented by explicit interface implementation, not as ordinary virtual methods.


IEnumerable<T>, System.Collections.IEnumerable, System.IFormattable, System.ICloneable, ICollection<T>, ICollectionValue<T>, IDirectedCollectionValue<T>, IDirectedEnumerable<T>, IExtensible<T>, IShowable

Implemented by

ArrayList<T>, GuardedIndexedSorted<T>, GuardedList<T>, GuardedSequenced<T>, GuardedSorted<T>, HashedArrayList<T>, HashedLinkedList<T>, LinkedList<T>, SortedArray<T>, TreeBag<T>, TreeSet<T>, WrappedArray<T>


IIndexed<T>, IIndexedSorted<T>, IList<T>, IPersistentSorted<T>, ISorted<T>

Method overview

GetSequencedHashCode() ,
SequencedEquals(ISequenced<T> otherCollection)

Method details

A int GetSequencedHashCode() The hashcode is defined as h(...h(h(h(x1),x2),x3),...,xn) for h(a,b)=CONSTANT*a+b and the x's the hash codes of the items of this collection.
Returns:The sequence order hashcode of this collection.
A bool SequencedEquals(ISequenced<T> otherCollection) Compare this sequenced collection to another one in sequence order.
Returns:True if this collection and that contains equal (according to this collection's itemequalityComparer) in the same sequence order.
otherCollection:The sequenced collection to compare to.