Interface IStack<T>

The interface describing the operations of a LIFO stack data structure.
Type parameters:
TThe item type


IEnumerable<T>, System.Collections.IEnumerable, System.IFormattable, ICollectionValue<T>, IDirectedCollectionValue<T>, IDirectedEnumerable<T>, IShowable

Implemented by

ArrayList<T>, CircularQueue<T>, LinkedList<T>

Property overview

AllowsDuplicates ,
this[int index]

Method overview

Pop() ,
Push(T item)

Property details

A bool AllowsDuplicatesAccess: Read-Only


A T this[int index]Access: Read-Only
Get the index'th element of the stack. The bottom of the stack has index 0.

Method details

A T Pop() Pop the item at the top of the stack from the stack.
Returns:The popped item.
A void Push(T item) Push an item to the top of the stack.
item:The item