Delegate ItemsRemovedHandler<T>

The type of event raised after an item has been removed from a collection. The event will be raised at a point of time, where the collection object is in an internally consistent state and before the corresponding CollectionChanged event is raised.

Note: The Clear() operation will not fire ItemsRemoved events.

Note: an Update operation will fire an ItemsRemoved and an ItemsAdded event.

Note: When an item is removed from a list by the RemoveAt operation, both an ItemsRemoved and an ItemRemovedAt event will be fired.


System.ICloneable, System.Runtime.Serialization.ISerializable


object, System.Delegate, System.MulticastDelegate

Method overview

Invoke(object sender, ItemCountEventArgs<T> eventArgs)

Method details

void Invoke(object sender, ItemCountEventArgs<T> eventArgs)