FoSSaCS-2012 Accepted Papers

Robert Atkey, Neil Ghani, Bart Jacobs and Patricia Johann. Fibrational Induction Meets Effects
Helmut Seidl and Andreas Reuss. Extending H1-Clauses with Path Disequalities
Krishnendu Chatterjee. Robustness of Structurally Equivalent Concurrent Parity Games
Jiri Adamek, Stefan Milius, Larry Moss and Lurdes Sousa. Well-pointed Coalgebras (Extended Abstract)
Alexander Kartzow. First-order Model Checking on Nested Pushdown Trees is Complete for Doubly Exponential Alternating Time
Radha Jagadeesan, Gustavo Petri and James Riely. Brookes is Relaxed, Almost!
Sumit Nain and Moshe Vardi. Synthesizing Probabilistic Composers
Marco Bernardo, Rocco De Nicola and Michele Loreti. Revisiting Trace and Testing Equivalences for Nondeterministic and Probabilistic Processes
Benedikt Bollig, Aiswarya Cyriac, Paul Gastin and K. Narayan Kumar. Model Checking Languages of Data Words
Bernardo Toninho, Luis Caires and Frank Pfenning. Functions as Session-Typed Processes
Di Chen, Franck Van Breugel and James Worrell. On the Complexity of Computing Probabilistic Bisimilarity
Kirstin Peters and Uwe Nestmann. Is it a ``Good'' Encoding of Mixed Choice?
Stefan Breuers, Christof Löding and Jörg Olschewski. Improved Ramsey-based Büchi Complementation
Danel Ahman, James Chapman and Tarmo Uustalu. When is a Container a Comonad?
Damiano Mazza and Neil J. Ross. Full Abstraction for Set-Based Models of the Symmetric Interaction Combinators
Rob Van Glabbeek, Ursula Goltz and Jens-Wolfhard Schicke. On Distributability of Petri Nets (extended abstract)
Thomas Brihaye, Véronique Bruyère, Julie De Pril and Hugo Gimbert. Subgame Perfection for Equilibria in Quantitative Reachability Games
Mathias Hülsbusch and Barbara König. Deriving Bisimulation Congruences for Conditional Reactive Systems
Dariusz Biernacki and Sergueï Lenglet. Bisimulations for Delimited-Control Operators
Patricia Bouyer, Romain Brenguier, Nicolas Markey and Michael Ummels. Concurrent Games with Ordered Objectives
Daniel Gorin and Lutz Schröder. Narcissists are easy, stepmothers are hard
Silvia Crafa, Daniele Varacca and Nobuko Yoshida. Event structure semantics of parallel extrusion in the pi-calculus
Sebastian Preugschat and Thomas Wilke. Effective Characterizations of Simple Fragments of Temporal Logic Using Prophetic Automata
Alexander Kurz, Tomoyuki Suzuki and Emilio Tuosto. On nominal regular languages with binders
Stefan Göller, Christoph Haase, Joel Ouaknine and James Worrell. Branching-Time Model Checking of Parametric One-Counter Automata
Pedro Rubén D´argenio and Matias David Lee. Probabilistic transition system specification: Congruence and Full Abstraction of Bisimulation
Stefan Kiefer, Andrzej Murawski, Joel Ouaknine, Bjoern Wachter and James Worrell. On the Complexity of the Equivalence Problem for Probabilistic Automata
Ana Bove, Peter Dybjer and Andrés Sicard-Ramírez. Combining Interactive and Automatic Reasoning in First Order Theories of Functional Programs
Jiří Adámek, Filippo Bonchi, Mathias Hülsbusch, Barbara König, Stefan Milius and Alexandra Silva. A Coalgebraic Perspective on Minimization and Determinization