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The programming language groups at the Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen (DIKU), at The IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) and at Roskilde University organize a joint series of weekly seminars in programming languages: the Copenhagen Programming Language Seminar. Its purpose is to exploit the proximity of the institutions to strengthen the integration between the programming language groups in the Copenhagen area and to present state-of-the-art research to students, academics and industry. COPLAS is sponsored by the FIRST Research School.

The COPLAS series of talks is a continuation of both the TOPPS Talks series at DIKU and the FunTechs/FooTech series at ITU and as such replaces both starting with the Fall 2002 semester. See http://www.diku.dk/topps/Presentations.html and http://www.funtechs.org/talks for past TOPPS talks and FunTechs/FooTech talks, respectively.

COPLAS talks are usually held Thursdays from 15.15 to 16:00 at DIKU, ITU or RUC. They may be held at other times, too, however. They will be announced jointly at DIKU, ITU and RUC, with detailed information on location and time for each talk.

Contacts and information

To receive information about COPLAS talks by email, send a message to prog-lang-request@it.edu or prog-lang-request@diku.dk with the word "subscribe" as subject or in the body of the message. (Please do not subscribe to both lists. You will receive messages twice.)

Home page: http://www.coplas.org

Organizational committee: Andrzej Filinski (DIKU), Kasper Østerbye (ITU), Morten Rhiger (RUC), Peter Sestoft (ITU).
Administration: Renée Michan (ITU)
Web hacker: Fritz Henglein (DIKU)

All talks (from September 2002)

See also past TOPPS talks and FunTechs/FooTech talks.

2002-9-19COPLAS TalkNeil D. Jones (DIKU, University of Copenhagen)Program Generation, Termination, and Binding-time Analysis
2002-9-26COPLAS TalkPeter Sestoft (Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark and IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark)Runtime code generation in JVM and .Net CLR
2002-10-3COPLAS TalkMartin Elsman (Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark and IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark)Garbage Collection Safety for Region-based Memory Management
2002-10-24COPLAS TalkPaul J. Voda (University of Bratislava, Slovakia and Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark)What do we gain by Integrating a Programming Language with a Theorem Prover?
2002-10-24COPLAS TalkOege de Moor (Oxford University Computing Laboratory, UK)Incremental Program Analysis via Language Factors
2002-10-31COPLAS TalkUlrik Pagh Schultz (Department of Computer Science, University of Aarhus, Denmark)Partial evaluation and object-oriented languages
2002-11-14COPLAS TalkAndrzej Filinski (Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark)An Introduction to Normalization by Evaluation
2002-11-21COPLAS TalkNick Benton (Microsoft Research, Cambridge, United Kingdom)Modern Concurrency Abstractions for C#
2002-12-5COPLAS TalkFritz Henglein (Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark)Value-oriented XML processing for the internet
2002-12-12COPLAS TalkNiels Jørgen Kokholm (IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark)Moscow ML Code Generation for Microsoft .Net
2002-12-19COPLAS TalkJohn Reynolds (Computer Science Department, Carnegie Mellon University, USA)Separation Logic: A Logic for Shared Mutable Data Structures
2003-1-23COPLAS TalkNiels Christensen (Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen)Methods for designing and implementing DSLs
2003-2-6COPLAS TalkMorten Rhiger (Department of Innovation, IT University of Copenhagen)Theory and Practice of Domain-Specific Embedded Languages
2003-2-20COPLAS TalkJohn Gallagher (Computer Science, Roskilde University)Tree Grammars for Program Analysis and Specialisation
2003-3-7COPLAS TalkJakob Rehof (Microsoft Research, USA)Sharpie: A Language for Asynchronous Programming
2003-3-13COPLAS TalkJens Sparsø (Computer Science and Engineering section, Technical University of Denmark and SYCS – Synergetic Computing Systems A/S, Copenhagen )The Synputer - a novel MIMD processor targeting high performance low power DSP applications
2003-3-31COPLAS TalkRune M. Jensen (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburge, USA)Efficient BDD-based Algorithms for Heuristic Search and Automated Planning
2003-4-3COPLAS TalkBart Jacobs (Nijmegen University, Netherlands)Java Program Verification for Smart Cards
2003-4-10COPLAS TalkHenning Niss (Department of Innovation, It University of Copenhagen)On the correctness of region inference
2003-4-24COPLAS TalkAnne-Francoise Le Meur (Compose Group, ENSEIRB/INRIA, France)A declarative approach to C program specialization
2003-5-8COPLAS TalkJulia Lawall (DIKU)Capturing OS Expertise in an Event Type System: the Bossa Experience
2003-5-15COPLAS TalkHenning Makholm (DIKU)A language-independent framework for region inference
2003-9-18COPLAS TalkKen Friis Larsen ()Types for DSP Assembler Programs
2003-10-23COPLAS TalkChristian J. Nielsen and Rune Holm (ITU)Distributed Computing on a Peer-to-Peer Overlay Network
2003-11-6COPLAS TalkSteffen Joost Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munchen, (Department of Theoretical Informatics)Static Prediction of Heap Space Usage for First-Order Functional Programs
2003-12-4COPLAS TalkMads Torgersen (Aarhus University, Department of Computer Science)Wildcards in the Java Programming Language
2003-12-11COPLAS TalkNeil D. Jones DIKU, University of Copenhagen (Computer Science Department)Termination Analysis of the Untyped Lambda Calculus
2004-1-8COPLAS TalkErik Ernst Aarhus University (Department of Computer Science)Type Relation Management
2004-3-16COPLAS TalkHenning Makholm (Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland)PolyA: True Type Polymorphism for Mobile Ambients
2004-3-18COPLAS TalkDavid Schmidt, (Computing and Information Sciences Dept., Kansas State University)Extending over-approximating models: an introduction to mixed models and separation logic
2004-5-19COPLAS TalkLars Bak (OOVM)Resilient: Making Embedded Systems Serviceable
2004-6-9COPLAS TalkPatricia Johann, (Rutgers University, NJ, USA)Free Theorems for Impure Functional Programs
2004-6-10COPLAS TalkFrank Tip (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, NY, USA)Applications of Type Constraints in Software Engineering Tools
2004-7-19COPLAS TalkZhenjiang Hu University of Tokyo, Japan and Shin-Cheng Mu University of Tokyo, Japan ( )An Algebraic Approach to Bi-directional Updating and Structured Document development
2004-8-5COPLAS TalkTorben Amtoft, (Kansas State University, USA)Information Flow Analysis in Logical Form
2004-8-17COPLAS TalkAmir Ben-Amram, (Academic College of Tel-Aviv Yaffo, Israel)The $\delta$SCT problem: Deducing size-change termination from simple inequalities
2004-8-26COPLAS TalkMayer Goldberg, (Ben Gurion University, Israel)The Wand: UI-Independent Applications through Abstraction and Types
2004-8-30COPLAS TalkCorneliu Popeea, (National University of Singapore)Preconditions and Specialization: Basis for Modular Array Checks Optimization
2004-9-6COPLAS TalkKazuhiko Kakehi, (University of Tokyo, Japan)A Uniform Approach toward Nested Parallelism
2004-9-23COPLAS TalkHenning Makholm, (Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland)Instant Polymorphic Type Systems for Mobile Process Calculi: Just Add Reduction Rules and Stir
2004-11-11COPLAS TalkGerman Puebla Technical University of Madrid (UPM) and Elvira AlbertComplutence University of Madrid (UCM) ( )Abstraction-Carrying code
2004-11-18COPLAS Talk/Theory seminarJohn C. Reynolds, (Carnegie Mellon University)Toward a Grainless Semantics for Shared-Variable Concurrency
2004-12-2COPLAS TalkTodd Veldhuizen, (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)Guaranteed Optimization
2004-12-6COPLAS TalkDavid Schmidt, (Kansas State University, USA)Under- and over-approximation analyses using powersets and logical relations
2004-12-7COPLAS TalkBarry Jay, (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia)The pattern calculus
2004-12-9COPLAS TalkS. Alexander Spoon, (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)Demand-Driven Type Inference with Subgoal Pruning: Trading Precision for Scalability
2005-1-17COPLAS TalkOlin Shivers, (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)The anatomy of a loop: A story of scope and control
2005-1-19COPLAS TalkOlin Shivers, (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)Bottom-up beta reduction: Uplinks and lambda-DAGs
2005-2-3COPLAS TalkThomas Hildebrandt, (IT University of Copenhagen)Bigraphs and Reactive XML - an XML-centric model of computation
2005-2-10COPLAS TalkSibylle Schupp, (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)Towards Safe Code Reuse
2005-3-17COPLAS TalkClaus Brabrand, (BRICS, Department of Computer Science (DAIMI), University of Aarhus)XSugar: Reversible Stylesheets
2005-4-14COPLAS TalkDon Syme, (Microsoft Research, Cambridge)Introducing F#: Functional Programming in the Context of a Software Platform
2005-5-25COPLAS TalkAlan Mycroft, (Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge)PacLang: types and compiling for multi-core architectures
2005-7-21COPLAS TalkChin Wei Ngan, (National University of Singapore)Flow Analysis for Better OO Genericity
2005-8-29COPLAS TalkMasahiko Sato, (Kyoto University, Japan)A Natural Framework for Writing and Checking Proofs
2005-9-5COPLAS TalkSoren B. Lassen, (Google Inc.)Eager Normal Form Bisimulation
2005-9-5COPLAS TalkSoren B. Lassen, (Google Inc.)MapReduce: Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters (work by Jeffrey Dean and Sanjay Ghemawat)
2005-9-21COPLAS TalkKevin Millikin, (BRICS, University of Aarhus)A new approach to one-pass transformations
2005-9-30COPLAS TalkYErik Meijer, (Microsoft, USA)The .NET Language Integrated Query Framework: An Overview
2005-10-6COPLAS TalkDavid A. Naumann, (Stevens Institute of Technology)State Based Ownership, Reentrance and Encapsulation
2005-11-10COPLAS TalkSergei Soloviev, (IRIT, Toulouse, France)Convergence of some extended systems of reductions in simply-typed lambda-calculus with inductive types.
2005-12-12COPLAS TalkYukiyoshi Kameyama, (University of Tsukuba, Japan )Typed Delimited Continuations and its Connection to Modal Logic
2005-12-15COPLAS TalkRasmus Ejlers Møgelberg, (Universita degli Studi di Genova)Parametric polymorphism in intuitionistic / linear lambda-calculus as a setup for axiomatic domain theory
2006-1-16COPLAS TalkKrzysztof Czarnecki, (ECE, University of Waterloo)Verifying Feature-Based Model Templates Against Well-Formedness OCL Constriants
2006-1-19COPLAS TalkRené Rydhof Hansen, (IMM, Technical University of Denmark)Non-Interference in Java Card Bytecode
2006-1-23COPLAS TalkPawel Urzyczyn (Warsaw University)Definability of type constructors and logical connectives
2006-2-3COPLAS TalkMichael Schwartzbach, (University of Aarhus)Static Validation of XSL Transformations
2006-3-23COPLAS TalkNeel Krishnaswami, (Carnegie Mellon University)Separation Logic for Higher-order Typed Languages
2006-3-27COPLAS TalkEric van Wyk, (University of Minnesota, USA)Extensible Languages: Techniques and Tools
2006-3-30COPLAS TalkLars Kristiansen, (Oslo University College, Norway)Complexity-Theoretic Hierarchies
2006-5-18COPLAS TalkTetsuo Yokoyama, (University of Tokyo and DIKU)Deterministic Higher-order Matching for Program Transformation
2006-5-19COPLAS TalkGreg Morrisett, (Harvard University, USA)SEXC: Static EXtended Checking for Cyclone
2006-5-22COPLAS TalkTorben Amtoft, (Kansas State University)A Logic for Information Flow in Object-Oriented Programs
2006-6-1COPLAS TalkAndy King, (University of Kent, UK)Debugging Concurrent (Logic) Programs with Abstract Interpretation
2006-8-10COPLAS TalkHongseok Yang, (Seoul National University)Beyond Reachability: Shape Abstraction in the Presence of Pointer Arithmetic
2006-9-4COPLAS TalkZhenjiang Hu, (University of Tokyo)Weak Inversion and Its Application to Parallelization
2006-9-7COPLAS TalkAndrzej Wasowski, (IT University of Copenhagen)Interface Input/Output Automata
2006-9-13COPLAS TalkThomas Streicher, (Technische Universität Darmstadt)Quotients of countably based spaces are not closed under sobrification
2006-10-30COPLAS TalkJohan Gade, (DIKU)On Jones-Optimal Specializers: A Case Study Using Unmix
2006-11-9COPLAS TalkTom Schrijvers, (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium)Polymorphic Algebraic Data Type Reconstruction
2006-11-27COPLAS TalkGraham Steel PhD, Post Doctoral Research Associate, (University of Edinburgh)Formal Analysis of Security APIs
2006-11-30COPLAS TalkKristian Støvring, PhD student , (Aarhus University)Eager Normal Form Bisimulation for Sequential Control and State
2006-12-1COPLAS TalkReiko Heckel , (University of Leicester)A Categorical Model of Computation for Graph Transformation: True Concurrency and Logic
2006-12-19COPLAS TalkÚlfar Erlingssonl , (Microsoft Research)XFI: Software Guards for System Address Spaces
2007-1-25COPLAS TalkAnders Møller, (DAIMI, Aarhus Universitet)Static Analysis for Java Servlets and JSP
2007-2-5COPLAS TalkJohn Field, (IBM Research, Hawthorne, NY)How Should We Program the Internet?
2007-2-6COPLAS TalkJohn Field, (IBM Research, Hawthorne, NY)Semantics-Based Reverse Engineering of Logical Data Models
2007-2-9COPLAS TalkThomas Jensen, (IRISA, Rennes, France)Proof-carrying code from certified abstract interpretation
2007-2-15COPLAS TalkAmir M. Ben-Amram, (Academic College of Tel-Aviv, Israel )A Complexity Tradeoff in Ranking-Function Termination Proofs
2007-2-22COPLAS TalkJean-Yves Moyen, (LIPN, Paris-Nord University, France )From Penpa to RCG
2007-2-27COPLAS TalkDavid Schmidt, (Kansas State University, USA)Comparing completeness properties of static analyses and their logics
2007-2-27COPLAS TalkPeter Dybjer, (Chalmers University, Gothenburg)Normalization by Evaluation for Dependent Types
2007-3-9COPLAS TalkAndreas Abel, (Theoretical Computer Science, University of Munich)Type-Based TerminationA polymorphic lambda-calculus with sized higher-order types
2007-3-15COPLASPeter Müller (ETH Zürich)Modular verification of object invariants in Spec#
2007-3-28COPLASJohan Brichau and Coen de Roover (Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium, and Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium, respectively)Program Queries using Logic-based, Concrete Source-Code Templates
2007-3-29COPLASJean Krivine (LIX, École Polytechnique)A platform for the Simulation and analysis of bio molecular systems in the kappa-calculus
2007-4-16COPLASChantal Berline (Laboratoire PPS, CNRS et Universiti Paris 7)New results for an old problem in lambda-calculus
2007-5-21COPLASA. Kaare Nørgaard (Resultmaker A/S)Practical constraint-based workflow modeling
2007-5-31COPLASArtur Kornilowicz (University of Bialystok, Poland)The Mizar System
2007-6-11COPLASYoshiki Kinoshita Research Center for Verification and Semantics (CVS) National Institute of Advanced Industrial (Science and Technology (AIST), Osaka, Japan)Research at the Center for Verification and Semantics (CVS)
2007-6-12COPLASHenrik Reif Andersen (Configit Software and the IT University of Copenhagen)Interactive Configuration with SAP
2007-6-28COPLASNikolaj Bjørner (Microsoft Research)Efficient E-matching for SMT solvers
2007-6-28COPLASRoberto Bagnara (Department of Mathematics, University of Parma, Italy)On the Design of Generic Static Analyzers for Modern Imperative Languages
2007-7-2COPLASRasmus Ejlers Møgelberg (LFCS, University of Edinburgh )Relational parametricity for computational effects
2007-7-9COPLASClaus Brabrand (DAIMI, Aarhus Universitet )Analyzing Ambiguity of Context-Free Grammars
2007-7-19COPLASRajeev Goré (Australian National University )A Cut-free Sequent Calculus for Bi-Intuitionistic Logic
2007-8-16COPLASAlberto Momigliano (University of Edinburgh)Topics in the mechanisation of the meta-theory of formal systems.
2007-8-25COPLASA TRIBUTE WORKSHOP AND FESTIVAL ()In honor of Dr. Neil D. Jones, DIKU
2007-8-27COPLASBor-Yuh Evan Chang (Berkeley, University of Californien)Materialization in Shape Analysis with Structural Invariant Checkers
2007-8-29COPLASMike Schroepfer (VP of Engineering, Mozilla Corporation)Firefox, Open Source, and the Future of the Web
2007-9-27COPLASShriram Krishnamurthi (Brown University, USA)Policy-Informed Program Analyses
2007-9-27COPLASKristian Støvring (University of Aarhus / FIRST)Inductive Reasoning about Effectful Data Types
2007-9-27COPLASShriram Krishnamurthi (Brown University, USA)Programming Languages for Interactive Applications
2007-9-28COPLASErik Meijer (Microsoft)Democratizing The Cloud
2007-10-3COPLASI. Stark (University of Edinburgh)Resource Guarantees and PCC: 50 ways to say it with a proof
2007-10-3COPLASKohei Honda (Queen Mary, London, UK)An Observationally Complete Program Logic for Higher-Order Functions
2007-11-1COPLASToby Walsh (NICTA, Australia)Symmetry in Constraint Programming
2007-11-27COPLAS / FIRSTJens Chr. Godskesen (IT-University, Denmark)A Calculus for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
2007-12-17COPLASHongseok Yang (Queen Mary, University of London)On Scalable Shape Analysis
2008-1-21COPLASAleks Nanevski (Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK)Program verification with Hoare Type Theory
2008-1-31COPLASMarino Miculan (Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Udine, Italy)Directed Bigraphs and Bigraphical Reactive Systems
2008-2-20COPLASDerek Dreyer (Max Planck Institute for Software Systems)Mixin' Up the ML Module System
2008-2-21COPLASProfessor Lars Birkedal ()Inaugural lecture of
2008-3-10COPLASSiau-Cheng Khoo (School of Computing, National University of Singapore)Mining Program Specifications and Temporal Properties
2008-3-13COPLASBjørn Rosengreen (Velfærdsministeriet)E-voting i dansk perspektiv
2008-3-13Formal Modeling and Analysis of Flexible WorkflowsJulia Padberg (Technische Universität Berlin) in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
2008-3-27COPLASRobby Findler (University of Chicago)DrScheme---Why Systems Building Matters
2008-4-15COPLASFrank Pfenning (Carnegie Mellon University)Substructural Operational Semantics
2008-4-17COPLASFrank Pfenning (Carnegie Mellon University)Substructural Operational Semantics
2008-4-24COPLASKlaus Osterman (DAIMI, University of Aarhus)Expressive Pointcuts for Increased Modularity
2008-5-23COPLASJørgen Steensgaard-Madsen (Technical University of Denmark)Symbolic continuation for axiomatic semantics
2008-5-27COPLASAnton Setzer (Swansea University)Proof theory and Martin-L{\"o}f Type Theory
2008-6-2COPLASPhilipp Haller (EPFL)An Overview of Scala
2008-6-6COPLASPieter Hofstra (University of Ottawa)Simulations, fibrations (joint work with R. Cockett).
2008-6-25COPLASJan Midtgaard (IRISA, Rennes)A Calculational Approach to Control-flow Analysis by Abstract Interpretation
2008-6-27COPLASKrzysztof Czarnecki (University of Waterloo)Model Transformation: Sketching the Landscape.
2008-8-12COPLASJorge A. Pérez (University of Bologna)On the Expressiveness and Decidability of Higher-Order Process Calculi.
2008-9-1COPLASDerek Dreyer (Max Planck Institute for Software Systems)State-Dependent Representation Independence
2008-9-9COPLASShin-ya Katsumata (RIMS, Kyoto University, Japan.)Semantic TT-lifting and its application
2008-9-16COPLASHenrik Lochmann (SAP research CEC Dresden)The HybridMDSD Project
2008-9-22COPLASAdam Poswolsky (Yale University)Functional Programming with Higher-Order Abstract Syntax and Dependent Types
2008-10-3COPLASProfessor Peter Sestoft (The IT University of Copenhagen)Invitation to the Inaugural Lecture of
2008-10-9COPLASGeoff Sutcliffe (Department of Computer Science University of Miami, USA )TPTP, TSTP, CASC, etc.
2008-10-20COPLASNicholas Poul Schultz-Møller (Informatics and Mathematical Modelling, DTU)Generation of ERP Systems from REA Specifications
2008-10-27The Expressivity of Universal Timed CCP: Carlos Olarte (INRIA. LIX, École Polytechnique )Undecidability of Monadic FLTL and Closure Operators for Security
2008-10-29COPLASHongseok Yang (Queen Mary, University of London )Local Reasoning for Read-Copy-Update
2008-11-3COPLASEkkart Kindler (DTU, Informatics and Mathematical Modelling, Denmark )Modelling Software and Forget about Programming!
2008-11-3COPLASChung-chieh Shan (Rutgers, State University of New Jersey )Shifting the Stage: Staging with Delimited Control
2008-11-10COPLASGeoffrey Washburn (EPFL IC IIF LAMP, Lausanne )Foundations for the Scala Language
2008-11-13COPLASIlya Klyuchnikov (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow )Proving term equivalence by the means of supercompilation
2008-11-17COPLASSimone Brunozzi; Amazon Web Services Evangelist - Europe (Amazon Web Service )Amazon Web Services
2008-12-1COPLASProf. Peter Sestoft (IT University of Copenhagen ) Fast sheet-defined functions in spreadsheets
2008-12-5COPLASMarco Carbone (Queen Mary University London, UK ) Choreography & Session Types
2009-1-27COPLASFlorian Rabe (Jacobs University ) A Module System for Mathematical Theories
2009-1-30COPLASAndreas Abel (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München ) Normalization by evaluation for System F
2009-2-19COPLASStephen Magill (Carnegie Mellon; School of Computer Science )Automatic Numeric Abstractions for Heap-Manipulating Programs
2009-2-24COPLASJesus Almansa (NTT Information Sharing Platform Laboratories, NTT Corporation - Japan )Simple Proofs and Formal Semantics for Game Transformation
2009-3-6COPLASDr. Raimundas Matulevicius ()Security Modelling through Security Risk Management
2009-3-9COPLASJan Schwinghammer (Saarland University )A Concurrent Lambda Calculus with Futures
2009-3-10COPLASAleks Nanevski (Microsoft Research, Cambridge )Programming with Hoare Type Theory
2009-3-17COPLASGianluigi Zavattaro (University of Bologna )Choreography, Orchestration, and Contracts: Languages and Techniques for Service Composition
2009-3-24COPLASJoseph Kiniry (University College Dublin )Tales of Applied Formal Methods
2009-3-26COPLASDon Syme (Microsoft Research, Cambridge )F#
2009-4-2COPLASClaus Brabrand (The IT University )Banana Algebra: Syntactic Language Extension via an Algebra of Languages and Transformations
2009-4-16COPLASJean Krivine (Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques )Implementation and verification of distributed consensus: the reversible process algebra approach
2009-4-17COPLASProfessor Keith Edwards (Georgia Institute of Technology )"Interaction and Infrastructure: Taking a Human-Centered View on Networking"
2009-5-27COPLASTorben Braüner, Ph.D., dr.scient., Associate Professor (Programming, Logic and Intelligent Systems (PLIS) research group, Roskilde University )From Classical to Intuitionistic Hybrid Logic
2009-6-3COPLASDana N. Xu (INRIA, France )Static Contract Checking for Haskell
2009-6-22COPLASNikolaj Bjørner (Microsoft Research Redmond, USA )SMT solvers for Testing, Program Analysis and Verification at Microsoft
2009-8-5COPLASDr Lijun Zhang (Saarland University )Time-Bounded Model Checking of Infinite-State Continuous-Time Markov Chains
2009-9-7COPLASRobert Harper (Carnegie Mellon University )Talk by Robert Harper
2009-9-25COPLASDavid Basin (ETH Zurich )Let's get physical: models and methods for real-world security protocols
2009-10-20COPLASViktor Vafeiadis (Microsoft Research Cambridge)RGsep: separation logic for fine-grained concurrency
2009-11-4COPLASPeter Schneider-Kamp (SDU)Automated Termination Analysis of Programs using Dependency Pairs
2009-11-9COPLASDavid Streader (University of Waikato, New Zealand )Refinement, what is it? And how do you build your own?
2009-11-9COPLASGuy Wiener (Ben-Gurion University, Israel)Anonymous servers, clients and messages in Erlang
2009-11-24COPLASSam Staton (Cambridge University)Completeness for algebraic theories of local state
2009-11-30COPLASDerek Dreyer ( Max Planck Institute for Software Systems)A Modal Logic for Equational Reasoning in ML-Like Languages
2010-1-27COPLASBartek Klin ( Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge)Observing context alterations
2010-2-18COPLASJurgen Vinju, (CWI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)Rascal: a Domain Specific Language for Source Code Analysis and Transformation
2010-3-11COPLASDavide Grohmann, PhD student, University of Udine & visiting PostDoc at IT University of Copenhagen ()Multi-graph structures as frameworks for distributed and concurrent systems
2010-3-15COPLASJochen Kuester, IBM Zurich ()Process Model Change Management
2010-3-22COPLASMartin Rinard, MIT ()Automatically Reducing Energy Consumption, Improving Performance, and Tolerating Failures With Good Quality of Service
2010-5-6COPLAS ()Research Pearls
2010-5-11COPLASClaus Brabrand, IT University of Copenhagen ()"Banana Algebra: Syntactic Language Extension via an Algebra of Languages and Transformations"
2010-5-11COPLASClaus Brabrand, IT University of Copenhagen ()"Typed and Unambiguous Pattern Matching on Strings using Regular Expressions"
2010-5-20COPLASMike Barnett, Microsoft Research ()CODE CONTRACTS
2010-5-20COPLASNikolai Tillmann and Mike Barnett, Microsoft Research ()CODE CONTRACTS AND PEX: POWER CHARGE YOUR ASSERTIONS AND UNIT TESTS
2010-5-25COPLASPhilip Bille, DTU ()Faster Regular Expression Matching
2010-5-26COPLASSpeaker: Anna Íngólfsdóttir, Professor, Department of Computer Science, Reykjavik University Authors: Luca Aceto, Anna Íngólfsdóttir, Paul Blain Levy and Joshua Sack ()Characteristic Formulae for Fixed-Point Semantics: A General Framework
2010-6-16COPLASProf. Peter Dybjer http://www.chalmers.se/cse/EN/people/dybjer-peter ()Program testing and constructive validity
2010-8-17COPLASKohei Honda - Queen Mary, University of London ()A Theory of Design-by-Contract for Distributed Multiparty Interactions
2010-8-20COPLASJens Palsberg ()From OO to FPGA: Fitting Round Objects into Square Hardware?
2010-8-27COPLASMakoto Tatsuta National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo, Japan ()Type Inference for Bimorphic Recursion
2010-8-27COPLASAdam Chlipala, Harvard University - USA ()Ur/Web, a Domain-Specific Functional Programming Language for Modern Web Applications
2010-11-11COPLASNaoki Kobayashi, Tohoku University ()Type-Based Higher-Order Model Checking
2010-12-14COPLASJohn C. Reynolds (Queen Mary, University of London Imperial College Carnegie Mellon University)Toward a Grainless Semantics for Shared-Variable Concurrency
2010-12-15COPLASAnders Møller (Aarhus University)Type Analysis for JavaScript Web Applications
2011-3-7COPLASÁlvaro García Pérez (IMDEA, Madrid, Spain)THE BETA CUBE
2011-9-14COPLASZhendong Su (University of California, Davis (UCD))Fully Automatic Mining of General Temporal PropertiesZhendon
2011-11-4COPLASSamir Genaim (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)Generating and Solving Recurrence Relations in Cost Analysis
2011-11-9COPLASSimon Peyton-Jones (Microsoft Research (Cambridge, UK))Giving Haskell a promotion and Supercompilation by evaluation
2011-11-24COPLASArjun Guha (Brown University)Confining the Ghost in the Machine: Using Types to Secure JavaScript Sandboxing
2011-12-2COPLASRobert Harper (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)Canonicity for Two-Dimensional Type Theory
2011-12-9COPLASDerek Dreyer (Max Planck Institute for Software Systems, Saarbrücken, Germany)The Marriage of Bisimulations and Kripke Logical Relations
2012-2-2COPLASDexter Kozen (Cornell University, New York)Realization of Coinductive Types
2012-3-22COPLASHans-Wolfgang Loidl (Heriot-Watt University, Scotland)Resource Analyses for Parallel and Distributed Coordination
2012-5-7COPLASChristian Stefansen (Google, Mountain View, California)Native Client - A Sandbox for Portable, Untrusted Native Code
2012-5-14COPLASGeoffrey Mainland (Microsoft Research, Cambridge, England)Nikola: Embedding Compiled GPU Functions in Haskell
2012-5-14COPLASGeoffrey Mainland (Microsoft Research, Cambridge, England)Nested Data Parallelism in Haskell
2012-5-24COPLASClaus Brabrand (IT University, Copenhagen, Denmark)Dataflow Analysis for Software Product Lines
2012-5-25COPLASGopalan Nadathur (University of Minnesota and IT University of Copenhagen)Combining Deduction~Modulo and Logics of Fixed-Point Definitions
2012-5-25COPLASBrian Rasmussen (Microsoft, Redmond, Washington State)Project Roslyn - Compilers and Services for the Masses
2012-5-31COPLASDimitrios Vytiniotis (Microsoft Research, Cambridge, England)Automatic IO filtering for optimizing cloud analytics
2012-8-16COPLASK. Subramani (West Virginia University)Certifying algorithms for Unit Two Variable Per Inequality (UTVPI) constraints (CANCELED)
2012-10-22COPLASRobert Bernecky (Snake Island Research Inc)The Three Beaar: Basically, Every Array Allocation Reduces Speed

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