Copenhagen Programming Language Seminar


The Wand: UI-Independent Applications through Abstraction and Types

Mayer Goldberg,
Ben Gurion University, Israel

Thursday, August 26, 13:15-14:15 (!)
DIKU, Universitetsparken 1, room N010


The Wand is a lightweight and flexible model-based user-interface management system (UIMS). Using the Wand, programmers, unburdened by any UI considerations, can write, test and debug applications. The UI is constructed separately on the basis of and in parallel to the main programming effort, by a UI specialist, using a type-driven WYSIWYG UI construction toolkit. Within the toolkit, UI components can be created, selected, edited, and reused. The Wand is based on a variation on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, but provides greater modularity and re-usability than the standard MVC. The Wand allows for multiple UI for the same application, and swapping UI does not require re-building of the application. Special-purpose UIs can be used for running a GUI application from scripts, remote debugging, etc. The most recent version of the Wand is implemented as a plugin for the IntelliJ IDEA Java development system.

Scientific host: Neil Jones. Administrative host: Camilla Jensen. All are welcome.
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