Copenhagen Programming Language Seminar


From Penpa to RCG

Jean-Yves Moyen,
LIPN, Paris-Nord University, France

Thursday, February 22, 11:15-12:00 (!)
DIKU, Universitetsparken 1, Room N030


enpa (PEtri Nets for Program Analysis) was a simple idea of using Petri nets to model programs and study their termination. However, it soon turned out to be too weak for practical use. By developing it further, I came out with the notion of Resource Control Graphs.

Resource Control Graphs (RCG) represent a generic program analysis technique based on annotations on the control flow graph of a program and detecting cycles in it. I'll present several ways of building these RCG, hence showing that they can encompass several known program analysis such as the Size Change Termination or the study of Non Size Increasing functions.

Moreover, further refinements of RCG lead to ideas on how to combine existing analyses and to insight on how to faithfully represent algorithms.

Scientific host: Neil Jones. Administrative host: Camilla Torp-Smith. All are welcome.
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