Copenhagen Programming Language Seminar

Symmetry in Constraint Programming

CLA Distinguished Lectures

Toby Walsh
NICTA, Australia

Thursday, November 1st, 14:30
ITU , Rued Langgaards Vej 7, Room 4A.14


The world is full of symmetry. For instance, when configuring a computer, the expansion slots may be interchangeable. Symmetry can lead to redundant search, as many symmetrically equivalent dead-ends may be explored wastefully. To avoid this, symmetry-breaking constraints can be added, to exclude all but one of each equivalence class of solutions. Alternatively search methods can be adapted to prevent them searching symmetric states to those already visited. In this talk, I will describe recent results in dealing with a special type symmetry, where the values being assigned to the decision variables are symmetric.

Toby Walsh is an experienced and well recognized researcher in the field of constrained programming (for example his dblp record features 143 entries as of today). Toby will visit ITU on Nov 1-2, in connection with Tarik's phd defence. At that occassion he will give a talk. Please book your calendars now and come to see the talk!

If you are interested in meeting Toby, then contact Peter Tiedemann (petert@itu.dk), who is maintaining Toby's schedule.


Scientific host: Andrzej Wasowski . Administrative host: Annette Enggaard . All are welcome.
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