Copenhagen Programming Language Seminar

A Calculational Approach to Control-flow Analysis by Abstract Interpretation

Jan Midtgaard
IRISA, Rennes

Wednesday, June 25, 2008, 14:45-15:45
DIKU NC, Universitetsparken 1, Aud. Lille UP1


We present a derivation of a control-flow analysis by abstract interpretation. Our starting point is a transition system semantics defined as an abstract machine for a small functional language in continuation-passing style. We obtain a Galois connection for abstracting the machine states by composing Galois connections, most notable an independent-attribute Galois connection on machine states and a Galois connection induced by a closure operator associated with a constituent-parts relation on environments. We calculate abstract transfer functions by applying the state abstraction to the collecting semantics, resulting in a demand-driven 0-CFA. We thereby provide a novel characterization of the analysis. (Joint work with Thomas Jensen)

Scientific host: John Gallagher. Administrative host: Annette Enggaard. All are welcome.
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