Copenhagen Programming Language Seminar

On the Expressiveness and Decidability of Higher-Order Process Calculi.

Jorge A. Pérez
University of Bologna

Tuesday, August 12, 2008, 13:15-14:00
ITU, Rued Langgaards Vej 7, 2300 Copenhagen S. Room: Auditorium TBA


In this talk I will give an overview of a recent work on the expressiveness of higher-order calculi. In higher-order process calculi the values exchanged in communications may contain processes. I will introduce HOcore, a core calculus of higher-order concurrency; it has only the operators necessary to express higher-order communications: input pre?x, process output, and parallel composition. By exhibiting a nearly deterministic encoding of Minsky Machines, HOcore is shown to be Turing Complete and therefore its termination problem is undecidable. Strong bisimilarity, however, is proved to be decidable. Further, the main forms of strong bisimilarity for higher-order processes (higher-order bisimilarity, context bisimilarity, normal bisimilarity, barbed congruence) coincide. They also coincide with their asynchronous versions. If time permits, I will discuss two additional results: (i) a sound and complete axiomatization of bisimilarity, and (ii) the proof that bisimilarity becomes undecidable if at least four static (i.e., top-level) restrictions are added to the calculus.

Scientific host: Ebbe Elsborg. Administrative host: Annette Enggaard. All are welcome.
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