Copenhagen Programming Language Seminar

Multi-graph structures as frameworks for distributed and concurrent systems

Davide Grohmann,
PhD student, University of Udine & visiting PostDoc at IT University of Copenhagen

Thursday March 11. at 9:15-10:00
IT University, Copenhagen. Room: 4A16


We present directed bigraphical reactive systems (DBRS), a framework to describe computational models. The states of systems are represented by two layered graphs, so-called directed bigraphs, capturing two main aspects of ubiquitous systems, i.e., locality (places) and connectivity (links). The dynamics are described as reaction rules defining the possible changes in the state of the systems. DBRS allows to synthesised systematically labelled transition systems from reaction systems; notably, the corresponding bisimulations are always congruences. Then, we introduce a general setting where adhesive categories can be composed by means of suitable operations; this allows to build more complex, multi-graphical structures starting from simpler ones.
Host: Thomas Hildebrandt, ITU
CosmoBiz research project (www.CosmoBiz.dk)

Scientific host: Thomas Hildebrandt Administrative host:Renée Korver Michan. All are welcome.
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