Copenhagen Programming Language Seminar


Nikolai Tillmann and Mike Barnett, Microsoft Research

Thursday 20 May 2010, 15:00-16:00
 Auditorium 4 at the IT University

Come hear how Code Contracts provides a set of tools for
design-by-contract programming and how Pex is an advanced unit-testing
tool that uses automated program exploration to intelligently create
unit tests with high code coverage. See how they work together so
that your code has fewer defects. Learn about new features for Code
Contracts including automatic documentation generation, call-site
checking for components and reference assemblies for the .NET
Framework and for Pex including a light-weight mocking framework,
improved support for large code bases, and more thorough test input


Bio of Mike Barnett:

I am a Research Software Design Engineer in the Programming Languages
and Methods group, which is part of the Research in Software
Engineering (RiSE) team.

I have been with the Microsoft Corporation since July 1995. First, I
was a member of the Natural Language Processing Group in Microsoft
Research, moving to the Foundations of Software Engineering group in
the fall of 1999. I am now a member of the Programming Languages and
Methods group. Before coming to Microsoft, I had been an assistant
professor of Computer Science at the University of Idaho for three
years. I received my PhD in Computer Science from the University of
Texas at Austin in 1992.

Bio of Nikolai Tillmann:

I am leading the Pex project, in which I develop together with Peli de
Halleux a framework for runtime verification and automatic test case
generation for .NET applications based on parameterized unit testing
and dynamic symbolic execution.

Previously I worked on AsmL, an executable modeling language that
comes with a compiler and a test generation tool, and the Spec
Explorer 2004 model-based testing tool. Together with Wolfgang
Grieskamp I developed XRT, a concrete/symbolic state exploration
engine and software model-checker for .NET code. Spec Explorer 2007 is
based on this engine, which is now productized by the Protocol
Engineering Team at Microsoft to facilitate quality assurance of
protocol documentation.

Scientific host: Peter Sestoft Administrative host:Renée Korver Michan. All are welcome.
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