Copenhagen Programming Language Seminar

From OO to FPGA: Fitting Round Objects into Square Hardware?

Jens Palsberg

Friday, August 20 from 13:30 to 14:30
Roskilde University, room 42.1-37

Consumer electronics today such as cell phones often have one or more low-power
FPGAs to assist with energy-intensive operations in order to reduce overall
energy consumption and increase battery life. However, current techniques for
programming FPGAs require people to be specially trained to do so. Ideally,
software engineers can more readily take advantage of the benefits
FPGAs offer by
being able to program them using their existing skills, a common one being
object-oriented programming. However, traditional techniques for compiling
object-oriented languages are at odds with today's FPGA tools, which support
neither pointers nor complex data structures. Open until now is the problem of
compiling an object-oriented language to an FPGA in a way that harnesses this
potential for huge energy savings. In this talk, I will present a new
technique that feeds into an existing FPGA tool chain and produces FPGAs
with up to almost an order of magnitude in energy savings compared to a
low-power microprocessor while still retaining comparable performance and
area usage.

Joint work with Stephen Kou; to be presented at OOPSLA 2010.

Jens Palsberg is a Professor of Computer Science at UCLA.
His research interests span the areas of compilers, embedded systems,
programming languages, software engineering, and information security.
Starting in September 2010, he is the editor-in-chief of
ACM Transactions of Programming Languages and Systems.
He is also a member of the editorial board of Information and Computation,
a former member of the editorial board of IEEE Transactions on
Software Engineering, and he has served as program chair of

Scientific host: Morten Rhiger Administrative host:Renée Korver Michan. All are welcome.
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