Courses/Structural Operational Semantics for Probabilistic and Stochastic Processes

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Lecturer: Marino Miculan, University of Udine, Italy
Where: IT University of Copenhagen, rooms 3A18 and 4A14 (see schedule below)



In these lectures we will see some recent developments about specification formalisms for probabilistic and stochastic systems. First, we will discuss rule formats for structured operational semantics for systems with discrete state; then, we will consider also processes with continuous state.

(Preliminary) program

  1. Brief recall of GSOS formats. Bisimilarity.
  2. Algebras and coalgebras. Coalgebraic bisimilarity.
  3. Coalgebras and rule formats for stochastic processes with discrete state.
  4. Processes with continuous state.
  5. Measurable spaces. Algebras and coalgebras over measurable spaces.
  6. Continuous stochastic systems as coalgebras. Behavioural bisimulation.
  7. Rule formats for stochastic systems with continuous state.

Lecture schedule

  1. Wednesday 24/10, 13-15: room 4A14
  2. Thursday 25/10, 9-11: room 3A18
  3. Monday 29/10, 10-12: room 3A18
  4. Wednesday 31/10, 13-15: room 4A14 (if needed)

Other information

The slides for the course are also available.

If you would like to participate, please send an email to Marino at .

We expect to award 1 ECTS point for participation in the course and delivering a homework assignment. This is pending approval of ITU's PhD school.

The course is sponsored by MT-LAB, The VKR Centre of Excellence on Modeling IT.

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