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Process Mining Reading Group Autumn 2014

Next meeting is Tuesday, Oct 28, at 13-14.30

We will look at the ProM tool and for that read the ProM 6.0 Tutuorial. The example log file can be found here.

You may read about the standard for event streams here:

Before autumn break: I suggest the first three meetings to be Thursday 11-11.45 at ITU (before the group lunch) Sept 25, Oct 2nd, and Oct 9. We meet in 4A05.

Then there will be autumn break - and after that we may schedule another day. (Note that the lunch talks by Tijs and Hajo after the autumn break will be on process mining, so I suggest we skip the reading group those days)

For the first meeting, I suggest that we read: On the Role of Fitness, Precision, Generalization and Simplicity in Process Discovery

You may also have a look at these websites of the BPI challenges in the previous years. Many of the published logs are used as benchmarks in current academic publications.

2014 Challenge, 2013 Challenge, 2012 Challenge

Other papers (please feel free to come with suggestions): Improving Business Process Models using Observed Behavior

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