Survey of The Most Influential Works in Software Maintenance

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PhD Course on "Survey of The Most Influential Works in Software Maintenance"

Here you can find information about the PhD course for Spring semester 2016.

Various Information

Teachers: Andrzej Wasowski. Aleksandar Dimovski.

Participants: Andrzej Wasowski. Aleksandar Dimovski. Stefan Stanciulescu. Alexandru Florin Iosif-Lazăr. Ahmad Salim Al-Sibahi. Jean Melo. Iago Rivas.

Registration: (Aleksandar Dimovski)

Format: Research seminar. Presentation and discussion 90 minutes a session, 20 sessions. The course participants are supposed to read the paper before the scheduled discussion slots.

Participants take turns presenting the material. Everybody is expected to actively participate in the discussions.

Assessment: Presentation of at least two papers and active participation throughout the seminar is required for passing the course.

Credits: 5 ECTS

Grading: PASS / FAIL based on fulfilling the above assessment condition.

Meetings: Our weekly meetings are every Tuesday from 12:15 till 13:45 starting from 12th January.

Meeting room:

           4A05 (12.01, 19.01, 02.02, 09.02, 16.02, 23.02, 01.03, 08.03, 15.03, 29.03, 12.04, 19.04, 10.05, 17.05, 24.05, 31.05, 07.06, 14.06, 20.06, 28.06)


The research seminar will be devoted to research in software maintenance, evolution and re-engineering. It is aimed for students who already have MS-level knowledge of Software Engineering. We will start by establishing the context, terminology and key challenges by studying three (late) chapters on maintenance from Pfleeger and Atlee. Then we will switch to reading selected papers from the 20 years of history of the International Conference on Software Maintenance (ICSM/ICSME). The papers are selected by impact and topic. We chosen papers that are highly cited and relate to technology/tools rather than to processes or architectures.

We will study the following papers:

  • Jan 12: Pfleeger and Atlee. Maintaining the System in “Software Engineering”. Pearson 2010 (chapter 11) [to present]
  • Jan 19: Pfleeger and Atlee. Evaluating Products, Processes, and Resources . In “Software Engineering”. Pearson 2010 (chapter 12) [Jean]
  • Feb 02: Ira D. Baxter , Andrew Yahin , Leonardo Mendonça de Moura , Marcelo Sant'Anna , Lorraine Bier : Clone Detection Using Abstract Syntax Trees. 368-377. ICSM 1998 [Alexandru]
  • Feb 09: Michael W. Godfrey , Qiang Tu : Evolution in Open Source Software: A Case Study. 131-142, ICSM 2000 [Stefan]
  • Feb 16: Stéphane Ducasse , Matthias Rieger , Serge Demeyer : A Language Independent Approach for Detecting Duplicated Code. 109-118, ICSM 1999 [Aleksandar]
  • Feb 23: James A. Jones , Mary Jean Harrold : TestSuite Reduction and Prioritization for Modified Condition/Decision Coverage. 92, ICSM 2001 [Ahmad]
  • Mar 01: Audris Mockus , Lawrence G. Votta : Identifying Reasons for Software Changes using Historic Databases. 120130, ICSM 2000 [Stefan]
  • Mar 08: Radu Marinescu : Detection Strategies: Metrics Based Rules for Detecting Design Flaws. 350-359, ICSM 2004 [Jean]
  • Mar 15: Gregg Rothermel , Mary Jean Harrold , Jeffery Ostrin , Christie Hong : An Empirical Study of the Effects of Minimization on the Fault Detection Capabilities of Test Suites. 34-43, ICSM 1998 [Alexandru]
  • Mar 29: Michael Siff , Thomas W. Reps : Identifying modules via concept analysis. 170179, ICSM 1997 [Aleksandar]
  • Apr 12: Gregg Rothermel , Roland H. Untch , Chengyun Chu , Mary Jean Harrold : Test Case Prioritization: An Empirical Study. 179-188, ICSM 1999 [Ahmad]
  • Apr 20: Hiralal Agrawal , Joseph Robert Horgan , Edward W. Krauser , Saul London : Incremental Regression Testing. 348-357, ICSM 1993 [Ahmad]
  • May 4: Ahmed E. Hassan , Richard C. Holt : Predicting Change Propagation in Software Systems. 284-293, ICSM 2004 [Alex]
  • May 11: David Chenho Kung , Jerry Gao , Pei Hsia , F. Wen , Yasufumi Toyoshima , Cris Chen : Change Impact Identification in Object Oriented Software Maintenance. 202-211, ICSM 1994 [Jean]
  • May 23: Daniel Jackson , David A. Ladd : Semantic Diff: A Tool for Summarizing the Effects of Modifications. 243-252, ICSM 1994 [Andrzej]
  • June 1: Stefan: Projection-Based Variation Control System [Stefan]
  • June 8: Roberto E. Lopez-Herrejon, Don Batory, William Cook : Evaluating Support for Features in Advanced Modularization Technologies. pp. 169-194, ECOOP 2005 [Ahmad]
  • June 22: work from ICSE'16 [Jean]
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