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This is the homepage of the BPL Tool, a first implementation of bigraphical reactive systems with binding.

The BPL Tool provides manipulation, simulation and visualisation of bigraphs and bigraphical reactive systems, and can be used either through the included web and command line user interfaces or as a programming library.

Getting the BPL Tool

BPL Tool Download
Dowload the BPL Tool binaries and/or source code.
online BPL tool demo.


Installation instructions
Installation instructions for BPL Tool.
Technical report: The BPL Tool - A Tool for Experimenting with Bigraphical Reactive Systems
Technical report describing how to use the BPL Tool
Technical report: An Implementation of Bigraph Matching
Technical report describing the matching algorithm used in the BPL Tool
Slides: Implementing Binding Bigraphs
Slides describing matching inference implementation
Slides: BPL Tool
Slides giving a brief rundown of bigraphs and the BPL Tool

Implementation details

For developers
Description of the API, the architecture, and other implementation details.
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