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Tiger (tiger.itu.dk)

Tiger is administered by Francesco. The machine is a Dell Poweredge 1950 equipped with two dual-core Xeon 5140 2.33GHz processors, 8Gb RAM, and two 73Gb SAS 15.000rpm disks installed in a RAID 1 configuration. The OS on Tiger is Ubuntu 8.04LTS server.

Installed software

(The following info is probably outdated; if you can log into tiger, use dpkg-query to see the current list.)

(Package names listed in parens.)

Development/programming languages:

  • MLton (mlton)
  • SML/NJ (smlnj, libsmlnj-smlnj, ml-yacc, ml-lex)
  • Moscow ML (mosml)
  • Mono/C# (mono-gmcs, liblog4net1.2-cil)
  • Ruby (ruby, rdoc)
  • Automake (automake1.9)
  • MLKit - installed from sourceforge mlkit SVN checkout; see README-file in distribution
  • Yacc, Flex (bison, flex)
  • Java (sun-java5-jdk)
  • Dot-files (graphviz)

Revision control:

  • Subversion (subversion)
  • CVS (cvs)


  • Emacs (emacs, emacs21)

TeX and TeX packages:

  • TeTeX (tetex-base, tetex-extra)

System things:

  • XAuth (xauth)
  • SSH server (openssh-server)


  • Postgresql (postgresql-8.1)
  • Unix ODBC (unixodbc, unixodbc-dev, odbc-postgresql)
  • MySql client (mysql-client)

Web Servers

  • Apache2 (apache2-threaded-dev); see below for configuration
  • SMLserver - installed from sourceforge mlkit SVN checkout; see README_SMLSERVER-file in distribution

Proof Assistants:

Unix groups

(Members in parens.)

  • bplgroup (panic, espen, hniss)

Reserved Ports

Hildebrandt et al.)

Apache2 Configuration

The apache2 configuration allows users on the system to have web-pages served from directories ~user/public_html/. A file ~user/public_html/index.html can be accessed from the outside as http://tiger.itu.dk/~user/index.html.

For more complex web-server configurations, users may run their own Apache2 instance (apache2 -f apache2.conf) and have the main apache server (running on port 80) proxy requests to the specialized Web server using a virtual host configuration:

<VirtualHost *>
   ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost
   ServerName www.smlserver.org
   ServerAlias smlserver.org
   ProxyRequests Off
   <Proxy *>
      Order deny,allow
      Allow from all
   ProxyPass / http://www.smlserver.org:8001/
   ProxyPassReverse / http://www.smlserver.org:8001/

The virtual host configuration above is stored in /etc/apache2/sites-available/smlserverorg and there is a link to the file in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/.

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