Stochastic Bigraphical Abstract Machine (SBAM)

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This page is the online documentation for SBAM, the Stochastic Bigraphical Abstract Machine. SBAM is work in progress and this wiki currently serves as the main working document for the project.

SBAM is a simulator for stochastic bigraphs [Krivine et al. 2008], inspired by an efficient kappa-calculus simulator implemented by Krivine et al [ref?]. It aims to be efficient enough to do simulations of large biological models, e.g. those that can be handled by Krivine et al.'s kappa-simulator.

What is SBAM and what can it be used for?
User Guide
A guide to installing and using SBAM.
Algorithms and Data Structures
Resources for developers.
SBAM is available under the GPLv3 license but relies on a number of tools and libraries with their own licenses; this page gives an overview of these.


SBAM is developed as part of the CosmoBiz project at IT University of Copenhagen in collaboration with Jean Krivine, PPS laboratory (Proofs, Programs and Systems) at Université Paris 7:

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