Software Engineering Seminar

Two parts:

* Reading and discussion group

* Project (”implementing” a CO2 calculator)


We are reading the first part of

Sommerville. Software Engineering. 9th edition. Published by Pearson.

Always read the material before the seminar. In the seminar you are expected to be actively discussing and questioning the material.

  1. Discussion 1: Chapters 1-3 (primarily 2-3) [processes] [discussion scheduled for September 22, 13:00, room 2M04]
  2. Discussion 2: Chapter 4 [Requirements] [discussion scheduled October 13, 13:00, room 2M03] [pending confirmation]
  3. Discussion 3: Chapter 5-6 [Systems and architecture] [discussion scheduled Oct 28th, 9:00, room 2M04]
  4. Discussion 4: Chapter 7 [Design and Implementation] [discussion scheduled Nov 10th, 13:00, room 2M04]
  5. Discussion 5: Chapter 8 [Testing] [discussion scheduled Nov 17th, 13:00, room 2M04]
  6. Discussion 6: Chapter 9 [Software evolution] [discussion will be Wed 8/12 at, 14:30, room 2M04]


More info may come.

For the project please use a versioning systems (SVN is recommended) to store all your project related artifacts. Background reading about versioning is in chapter 25.2 in Sommerville.

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